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Top selling golf umbrellas that ensure larger advertising space and high visibility

A good game of golf would never ever be cut short by bad weather thanks to our custom golf umbrellas, which let the golf enthusiasts enjoy the game while staying dry. Golf greens make excellent locations for putting your brand image on display as it ensures a good congregation of elite professionals, CEOs and the well heeled customers who play golf regularly for leisure.

60 Arc Customized Golf Umbrellas w 17 Colors

Golf umbrellas stand out for their massive canopies where you get your brands imprinted and brilliant color combination that ensure a high visibility even from a distance.

Here are some of our top selling golf umbrellas that ensure excellent brand promotion and fame to your business.

60 inch Arc Customized Golf Umbrellas
One of our top selling models in golf umbrellas is the 60” arc golf umbrellas, which will highlight your company’s name and let everyone on the green to notice your logo. The sprawling imprint area ensures a very high visibility and brand promotion. It is a good promotional gift idea for banks, insurance companies, hotels, hospitality and sports goods marketers as these help to reach out to the brand conscious and elite league of customers.

An attractively imprinted umbrella will attract instant attention of not just the players in the packed golf arena but also from lots of potential customers. This massive umbrella is available in a range of 18 colors and advertisers can seek them as per personal preferences. The metal shaft and wooden handle imparts a classic charm to these custom umbrellas that can withstand winds and rain effectively. Made of nylon material, these shrink to size 40″ on closing and are easy to carry around in the green or in your vehicle.

60 Inch Custom LogoSteel Golf Umbrellas KhakiColor

60 Inch Arc Custom Logo Steel Golf Umbrella
The custom palm beach 60” steel golf umbrella is another hot selling model. Built to withstand strong gushes of wind, this golf umbrella stands out for its bigger arc that ensures complete protection from rains and winds during the golfing spell. This functional yet fashionable golf umbrella makes a great corporate gift for sports brand players, teams, and businesses rallying for big players. It can be gifted prior to golf season or as a corporate gift or as a compliment for high value or festive purchases.

48 Inch Arc Logo Imprinted Safety Auto Open Straight Golf Umbrellas
These auto open imprinted golf umbrellas in black is another favorite model among advertisers who wish to target the golf playing customers for their brand promotion. Strong and wind resistant, these umbrellas make value added gifts for the customers who would love to retain them all their life. This umbrella covers a lot of promotional ground and keeps the players well shielded from capricious weather blues.

48 Inch Arc Non Woven Promotional Sun Umbrellas w/ 5 Colors is another top selling model among golf umbrellas. Available in 5 brilliant colors, this promotional 48 inch arc non woven sun umbrella makes an excellent summer promotional campaign gift idea. It is not suited for using during rains. The attractive price range adds up to the popularity of these umbrellas that draw a few eyeballs easily for their stunning colors and good looks.

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