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Kids Umbrella – Everything You Wanted to Know about Them

Kids umbrella- as the name suggests, refers to the big category of umbrellas dedicated to kids and they are favored throughout the year.  Most kids refuse to carry plain old “grandpa” umbrellas during rains and parents often find a way out by handing them bright and cute umbrellas in magnificent colors and typical shapes. Some of the popular styles of umbrellas for kids include –

Kids Umbrella – Everything You Wanted to Know about Them

  • Bubble Umbrellas – See through umbrellas are very popular with kids and they find it exciting to peep through them, while walking with their parents. These umbrellas are offered plain with no imprints or with interesting imprints of cartoon characters, fairy tale characters, etc. Kids never grow tired of them and are more likely to carry it at other times, too.
  • Animal Shaped Umbrellas – Kids have special affinity towards animals and they always love to be around them. Most kids try to imitate animals in many ways. Handing them an umbrella with canopy in shapes of penguins, cow or bear will not only keep them enchanted, but also trigger their interests to know more about these animals. Schools and gift shops can easily rely on such umbrellas to keep their young clients (read kids) happy.

Kids Umbrella – Everything You Wanted to Know about Them

  • Mini Umbrellas – Compact umbrellas are also preferred for gifting to kids because they can easily manage it in their pockets or bags. There is really abundance of choices, when it comes to these umbrellas. Marketers and individuals who are looking forward to acknowledge kids in special way can always buy wholesale mini umbrellas from any reputed online umbrella store. These custom umbrellas can be availed in broad section of colors and their associated hues and different budget sizes. Huge savings can be made on bulk orders of these umbrellas. Many umbrella stores offer umbrellas imprinted with kid friendly symbols such as lady bug, sheep, goat, pirates, monkey, owl, etc.
  • Pagoda Umbrellas– Small pagoda umbrellas in interesting colors can move any stubborn kids with their feminine curves and enchanting imprints. Parents, teachers, and kids marketers can find right opportunities to hand them over to their delighted clients (kids).

Some assured benefits involved with kid’s umbrella are-

  • Easy acceptance with masses – You might be tried hard to get accepted amongst your customers, but if you go by an old saying “child is a father of man” then marketing becomes easier. Instead of targeting grown up adults, you can always approach kids and gift them beautiful umbrellas. Once kids accept your gift, parents would eventually accept them. They always have a thanking mind towards brands and guests, who gifted them opportunity to witness several lighter moments in faces of their kids!
  • Affordability and price savings – Most of this umbrella for kids is offered in affordable price range and you can make huge savings by buying them online. Wholesale kid’s umbrella will assuredly bring more popularity than ever.

Kid’s umbrellas make a wonderful gifting choice throughout the year. Be it a birthday, wedding, community or school event, you can easily get away by handing over beautifully colored or imprinted umbrella to a kid.

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