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Promotional Umbrellas – Handouts To Drive Maximum Business

Umbrellas are one of the top 5 business gifts that can drive sales and make brands popular. Offered in a range of styles and colors, umbrellas are used and seen for years, and they enjoy an unbeatable versatility and gender neutral credentials that make it ideal for every genre of audience.

Be it for outdoor events, tradeshows or game days, custom umbrellas imprinted with your brand and message will make excellent gifts that your recipients will find useful. The best part is that your message on these umbrellas will get a lot of attention without being intrusive or tacky.

Here are some events where custom umbrellas can be used as handouts.

Store promotional items

An attractively customized umbrella will make a great talking topic in the friends’ circles of your recipients, which means your brand will get the unbeatable advantage of word of mouth publicity. Everyone that sees the umbrella will learn how helpful your business is. The best part is that handy models like mini umbrellas make a great item in gift packages as well. Put your brand on a high speed portability arc by handing out these compact Mini umbrellas that will fit into the glove compartment or storage containers in vehicles as they fold up very small. Every time they use these umbrellas to stay safe from weather elements or to accessorize their dressing style, they will be reminded of your brand. If you are planning a seasonal promotional event you can think of a gift bag including a customized tube of sunscreen, beanies and a printed umbrella.

42 inch Arc Custom Spring Breeze Folding Umbrellas Red

Jungle themed events

Are you looking for a party favor for luau and jungle themed events? Look no further than printed umbrellas. Bright animal prints and wild colors will nicely complement the theme. Be it company picnics, summer parties, store promotions and more, custom umbrellas will match every themed event. Though bright colors add up to the festive flavor of events, make sure not to choose harsh colors that would stand out as sore thumb.

Tradeshow handouts

Umbrellas are available in a range of price points that start from as low as 3$ and go up 160 $ or more. If you are looking for a popular handout during tradeshows, look no further than umbrellas. Firstly, these custom gifts will get used the moment people get them, which means your brand exposure starts almost immediately. From single panel to multi panel designs and various imprint options, custom umbrellas offer a variety of customization options as well. The best part is that not many custom gifts can match the wide imprint area of logo umbrellas, which enhances their promotion potential further.

Tell us your experiences of using custom umbrellas in our comments section to enter into a conversation with all the umbrella lovers out there.

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