Promotional umbrellas offer the dual advantage of both inside and outside logo imprints

Everyone use umbrellas. Be it to brave the rain or shine, as a stylish accessory or simply as a prop, umbrellas have many delightful roles in everyone’s lives! Highly useful and never out of fashion, personalized umbrellas are highly appreciated by recipients of all genres. The low cost factor coupled with high visibility and aesthetics will make promotional umbrellas really effective marketing tools in any advertiser’s arsenal.

48 Inch Arc Non Woven Promotional Sun Umbrellas

If anyone asks us the reason for the popularity of promotional umbrellas among marketers, we will attribute it to the generous imprint area on the canopy that will display your logo even from a distance. Promotional umbrellas are available in an exciting range of models including mini umbrellas, standard umbrellas, market umbrellas and many others.

Logo imprinted umbrellas allow the marketers to be as creative as they wish while promoting their business message due to the wide imprint area and full color imprint options. You can even opt for interior printing to keep the logo at their eye level. These gorgeous umbrellas with logo imprints inside will keep your recipients well engaged when they are out in the rain. People will love gazing up your logo and artwork when they are waiting for the cab or walking down to the stores.

Exterior printing is popular in models such as golf umbrellas. The massive canopy of golf umbrellas will leave you with enough space for all your business messages. Imprint your offers, contact number or business logo on these wide canopy umbrellas to make them stand out in the greens. This stylish umbrella will not just put your business message out in style but will also attract a few eyeballs of the other golfers and visitor in the links to give your logo the much needed publicity. Golf is considered as a rich man’s game that mostly draws the elite and the well heeled to the greens, which means the marketers need to come up with classic promotional gifts like umbrellas to win over these special clients.

44 inch Arc Custom Printed Two-Tone Safety Umbrellas

Custom logo umbrellas also make wonderful party favors and personal gifts for employees. Every time they pop open these fabulous umbrellas they will feel really proud to be associated with your business. Just imagine the exposure your logo gets every time they walk with these umbrellas through the crowded streets on their way to office?

Logo umbrellas can be used to promote all types of businesses including realtor agencies, schools, spa, hotels, tour operators and much more. These can even be included as part of the welcome kit by hotels during summer promotions and the recipients will surely take a second look at the brand and remember your business for your commitment and care for the customers.

Promotional umbrellas ensure nonstop brand promotion all around the year even during bad weather days. These are high in exposure though low in cost and there can’t be anyone who doesn’t find these gifts useful! Well, we bet, you will not need any more reasons to choose umbrellas as promotional gifts for your next branding campaign!

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