Why is Promotional Umbrella Advertising Value Effective than Multimedia Advertising?

Promotional umbrella advertising is a very cute term, which is going to be discussed in detail throughout this article. Keep going to know more about the same.

Advertising is an inevitable part of brand building and no business can survive without it. Every business – big or small strives hard to advertise their business in cost –effective and value effective way. From distributing small handbills, pamphlets to floating television advertisements – they try it all. Multimedia advertising is a term, which encompasses broad channels of marketing and it can get more defining with the budget and efforts involved. Promotional advertising involving marketing materials such as promotional writing pads and logo imprinted umbrellas is gaining popularity, too. Today many marketers consider promotional umbrella advertising cheaper and value effective than most multimedia advertisements because –

  • They are productive – Productivity here relates to the influence and tangible results brought by any advertisement. People get easily drawn to a large umbrella installed in crowded market places. It offers them shelter and good recreation space. When offered as a handy gift, standardized umbrellas can easily become a fashion accessory and a shelter for a user. Thus, a cheaper customized umbrella becomes valuable and productive medium than a multimillion multimedia advertisement.
  • They go everywhere – Most multimedia advertisements are bound to one specific medium, although they may target many people at time. However, there are no such limitations with promotional umbrellas. They can carry your brand information all faraway places, where people may not have heard about you or known your existence. So, it is definitely going to be a best bet if you are trying to reach out to customers at faraway places.
  • Offers long term returns for investment – Multimedia advertisements (in print or media) are very strictly bound by rules and regulations. However, they have very short term effect on minds and people may be reminded of them only when they see the ad next time. However, a user and people living around him would always remember your brand credentials, whenever they use the umbrella. It will bring you handful of first time loyal customers and other inspired customers. People often think highly of a brand, which offers them such wonderful gift, which means you can go that extra mile in influencing them.
  • Extremely Affordable – One big reason for their popularity is affordability. Promotional umbrellas are offered in different budget sizes and they remain largely affordable for marketers who are seriously thinking of strengthening brand effects.

You can enjoy and experience many more benefits of umbrella advertising than multimedia advertising by investing in them. Get ready to play large by investing in interesting promotional umbrellas!

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