Tips for Choosing Promotional Umbrellas of Different Sizes

If you aren’t sure, type of promotional umbrella to choose for your campaign, then you should try to follow what others are doing. Also, you can judge from the collection to see what choices will best fit into your budget or attract your target audience. You can hit any reputed website selling custom umbrellas and see what choices are being offered by them or you can try to search it they offer any option as order by size.

Usually promotional umbrellas are offered in arc sizes from 30 inch to 100 inches and they can measure 6 feet to 9 feet in length and they are offered in materials such as nylon, polyester, recycled material, etc.

Tips for Choosing Promotional Umbrellas of Different Sizes

If you are still not sure what to buy for gifting, then this blog will give you rough idea of how to go about the sizes.

  • 30 Inches Arc Umbrellas – They are perfect choice for gifting throughout the year and most marketers find it easier to seek them for gifting. Usually 32” inches umbrellas are golf bag umbrellas – the kinds that are popular with golf players. This means it is a choice, if you are planning to sponsor golf clubs or golf players, etc. 35”, 36”, 37”, 38” and 39” inches umbrellas are usually categorized into folding umbrellas.
  • 40 Inches Arc Umbrellas – You’ll get umbrella in sizes 40” -48” inches. They are all popular on gifting scene and are considered great for year around gifting. These umbrellas can be chosen depending on the target audience and budgetary preferences.
  • 50 Inches Arc Umbrellas – You will be drawn towards promotional umbrellas ranging from 52” , 54”, 55”, 56” and 58”. 52” inches bubble umbrellas, 54” inches bell-shape bridal shower umbrellas, 54” inches windproof golf umbrellas, 55” inches golf umbrellas, 56 inches telescoping folding umbrellas, 58” inches golf umbrellas – are some of the popular choices in the category.
  • 60 Inches Arc Umbrellas – You will be whisked by umbrellas in sizes 60”, 62”, 64” and 68”, which are generally perceived as golf umbrellas. It is definitely going to be the IT choice, if you are a sports marketer.
  • 70 Inches Arc Umbrellas – You will find the popular 72” inches beach umbrellas in this category.
  • 80 Inches Arc Umbrellas – 82”, 84” and 86 inches umbrellas are very popular in this category. These umbrellas are largely pursued by marketers for decorative purposes such as patio or market umbrellas.
  • 90 Inches Arc Umbrellas – 98” inch market umbrellas are perhaps the most popular offering in this category. It is just the thing, if you are trying to recreate your open spaces into buzzing business zone.
  • 100 Inches Arc Umbrellas – Personalized 100” arc umbrellas are popular choice for patio umbrellas and they are largely sought by marketers trying to offer something more than just a shade for their clients!

The choice of right kind of promotional umbrellas entirely depends on your requirement, budget, personal and business preferences. On buying from any reputed online umbrella store you can avail lot many benefits such as free art set up, free design and at times free shipping, too.

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