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Be Noticed During The Summer Days With These Beach Umbrellas

Who says that you cannot advertise your products under the heat of the sun? Summer is not just fun and parties at the beach. It is also an opportunity where you can display your business logo and enjoy the appreciation of the beach goers for giving them shade. Yes, advertise your business name not only indoors but outdoors as well with these personalized Beach Umbrellas.

You probably might be thinking to whom or where you can hand these personalized beach umbrellas. Well, you can hand these out to the following:

  1. Your loyal customers.
    Who would not love getting these huge personalized umbrellas? By the time they hit the beach, your name will create waves. Surely, your loyal customers will love you more. These huge personalized beach umbrellas will keep them safe from the sun.
  2. Beach resorts in the community.
    You can give these personalized beach umbrellas for free to any beach resort that is with in your community but in return these personalized beach umbrellas will have an imprint of your business name and logo. Your name will be displayed all throughout the resort and those checking in will be able to see your business name.
  3. State fairs
    You can participate in state fairs by handing out these personalized beach umbrellas for free. People who plan to participate can make use of this personalized umbrella. Their booth or display will be protected from the heat of the sun during the day and in the afternoon.

These are only a few ideas that you can do when you plan to invest in these personalized beach umbrellas because these need not necessarily have to be used only on the beach. As long as someone needs umbrellas for shade, these personalized umbrellas will be of use.

Here are a few samples of the custom beach umbrellas that we offer on our website.

  • 72 Inch Arc Personalized Beach Umbrellas With 5 Colors
    Get these custom umbrellas for as low as $18.21. Its canopy is made of nylon fabric with a shoulder strap sleeve that makes it portable. This type of custom umbrella can be opened manually and is huge and durable enough to cover you from the harmful UV rays of the sun.72 inch Arc Personalized Beach Umbrellas
  • 6 Feet Custom Printed Beach Umbrellas
    Available in two toned colors which are black/white, hunter/white, red/white, royal/white or if you prefer we have it in all white. The material is also made of nylon.6 Feet Custom Printed Beach Umbrellas
  • 48 Inch Arc Customized Beach Umbrellas
    This can be availed for as low as $9.64. This has a 48” arc clamp on chair umbrella with a flexible shaft which is perfect for positioning.48 Inch Arc Customized Beach Umbrellas
  • 72 Inch Arc Economy Beach Umbrella
    This comes with a strap for portability. This umbrella has 8 panels and made of polyester fabric. This can be availed for as low as $10.59.72 inch Arc Economy Beach Umbrella

These personalized umbrellas are the perfect investments for your marketing campaign. Every time it is being used it creates an impression in people who sees it. The more they will see it, the more they are inclined to deal business with you. These promotional items can reach more people than any other type of medium. To prove that, a study was conducted and promotional items reach 88% more people than radio or television.

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