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Tips to Buy a Right Personalized Beach Umbrella

Zeroing on the right custom umbrella may sound like an easy task for many, but it is important to note not all umbrellas are created the same and they can be employed for different purposes. You may be familiar with sun umbrellas, promotional umbrellas and many other umbrellas, but understanding beach umbrellas may take a while because they are not used regularly.72 inch Arc Economy Beach Umbrella

Beach umbrellas are usually offered in larger sizes and they allow you to enjoy the sand and surf without bothering about the sun rays. The shade offers protection from unwanted sunburns and tans. It makes easier for you to rest and keep watchful eyes on kids and other family members accompanying you. Here are some tips to consider while buying a beach umbrella –

  • Size – How many people are using the umbrella? It is very important to think who all are going to use the beach umbrella. If you are concerned about larger groups, then its better to opt for larger sizes. For eg – 6-feet diameter umbrella will accommodate two people on beach chairs, 8-feet diameter umbrella will accommodate three people on beach chairs and many more.
  • Sun and heat protection – Why do you wish to put up an umbrella on the beach? Definitely for seeking protection from sun and heat isn’t it! Then you should consider umbrellas with higher SPF. Remember no beach umbrella can completely block the UV rays, so cover up your body with a sunscreen and hat.
  • Stability – Winds at beach are overpowering and refreshing on a hot summer day. At times they may get powerful enough to blow away your belongings such as bags and other possessions. At times beach umbrellas may even overturn under strong gusts of wind. So, you need to choose locking type beach umbrellas, which stays tuned to ground or sand. It will be even better, if you could find ones with locks as well as tilting controls and sturdy frames.
  • Ease of Use – Against the common notion, not all beach umbrellas are heavy or difficult to manage. You can buy umbrellas, which are easy to use, easily packed up and organized in few minutes, thereby leaving you more time to enjoy at beach. You can choose umbrellas with snaps or carrying cases, locks, and press button, which makes it easier to manage and carry around. Tilting and adjusting mechanism can also aid in this pretext.

Be a sunsmart beach surfer this summer by choosing the right umbrella for a beach outing!

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