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3 Ways How Custom Umbrellas Can Help Your Brand Stand Competition Storms

Promotional umbrellas have always been popular handouts for some really sound reasons.

  • Custom umbrellas have been part of everyone’s daily lives and people carry always one in hand to be prepared for the unpredictable weather conditions.
  • An umbrella is something people will certainly purchase if they don’t get one for free
  • Logo umbrellas are well received, retained and surely used, which means that these logo items will make long lasting reminders for your brand.

Here are some tips to remember while buying promotional umbrellas

Color choices: It will be a smart idea to choose logo umbrellas to complement your corporate color or promotional themes. For instance if you are looking for a custom gift for Memorial day or Flag day events , blue, red and white colored flag themed umbrellas will be a good choice.

Models to consider: Custom umbrellas are available in various models including budget umbrellas These may not ensure the benefit of storm proofing but will keep the users shielded from sun and put your logo on display. These are great options for mass promotions like tradeshows and outdoor concerts or fairs. Imprint your logo and message on these to leave an impression. Umbrellas in premium quality range will have a longer life span, storm proof features and more, which makes it a great option to promote golf leagues or to reach out to your privileged customers. Full color imprint options coupled with an exciting range of choices will make the selection process easy.

Choosing an appropriate model in promotional umbrellas is what ultimately makes or breaks any branding campaign. So, if you are overwhelmed by the extensive collection of custom umbrellas, we can list out a few popular umbrella models that can be considered.

Golf umbrellas : Now that the golf season is on, it will be a smart move for business owners to consider these big and flashy golf umbrellas to get their message out. These make great options to promote golf leagues, hospitality industries, beach hotels, restaurants, spa and much more. The wide canopy will ensure ample creative space for your message and logo.48 Inch Arc Non Woven Promotional Sun Umbrellas

Antiwind umbrellas : With some parts of the country already getting the first shades of the storm season, it will be a good move for marketers to hand out these antiwind umbrellas that are designed to bear the bad weather blues and daily grinds. Reinforced handles and a strong design will all add up to the functional features of these umbrellas.43 Inch Arc Custom 2 Fold Wind Proof Auto Open Umbrellas

Full color umbrellas When you need an umbrella that is a cut above the rest, you can’t go wrong with these full color umbrellas. Great for fashion shows, concerts, outdoor fairs and festivals, these umbrellas stand out for its bold imprints and brilliant color choices.60'' Golf Customized Logo Full Color Umbrellas

We have a lot more. So, take a look and choose a model that goes well with your theme.

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