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5 Facts You Might Not Know About Logo Umbrellas

 If your company plans to participate in outdoor trade shows, festivals, street fairs and more , custom umbrellas will make a great promotional tool to consider. Apart from being effective in protecting your attendees from the elements, it will make a great display board for your message as well.

Here are 5 things you might not know about custom umbrellas and how they can benefit your business.

Umbrellas are available in a wide range of prices

For many business owners, the idea of investing in promotional umbrellas will  put them off considering the high cost factor involved. While certainly there are expensive models available, it’s still possible to invest in basic models at affordable rates . It will make a great one time investment; when you consider the attention, that these colorful umbrellas will get in crowded business events.

Long lasting

Umbrellas are designed to last long; and can be reused in various venues for a long time. It means that your brand will get consistent impressions without any repeat investment or effort. This in turn will ensure more value for your money. In fact logo umbrellas have the longest retention of 14 months among promotional items; which will make it a branding machine literally!

Limitless options

Umbrellas come in a range of models and sizes, that will fit every type of business. When you choose high visibility ,models like patio umbrella, it will turn out to be an effective way to further your company’s reach . You can even display your products in a professional way on the massive canopy of these umbrellas to draw easy eyeballs.

Choose from a wide range of models. From beach umbrellas, which can be assembled in minutes, to the trendy fashion umbrellas that are impossible-to-ignore you have a lot of exciting models. It will make an impression that you want at any and every level. They can expand your retail area. Umbrellas can  enhance the retail space to display, and sell your products. So, you can choose an appropriate model , customize it with your message; and you have a great branding tool at your disposal.

Easy to customize to suit your needs

Customization is fun! Not many promotional items have an imprint space that is as large as custom umbrellas . You can add different graphics depending on the event to make an imposing billboard at every event, to engage the customers. Custom umbrellas make engaging and attractive structures which will draw the attention of customers and inspire them to drop in. It will even make a  fun  themed conversation starter for your audience. Printed umbrellas also offer a number of different customization solutions in a simple yet exciting format. Whether you wish to put your logo on one panel, alternate panels or the whole umbrellas, these logo items will turn out to be the ultimate traffic stoppers for your brand.


Besides, umbrellas are practical, and that is what make them a crowd favorite. Custom umbrellas will make a great choice during fair weather season outdoor events. Picture this. On a sunny day, you set up an umbrella  in your patio, parking lot or in a space in front of your store to enhance your selling space! By doing so , you can reate a safe, interesting space for potential customers to check out your offerings in a casual setting beyond the store. You can even use this space to exhibit new products or use it as a sales area to draw the attention of passers-by. Nobody can ever underestimate the power of custom umbrellas, in boosting brand exposure.

Summing up

Lastly, custom umbrellas make an interesting way to help increase your company’s reach. It will also share your brand with the world to build potential sales. Still wondering what custom umbrellas can do for your business? Reach out to our team for friendly tips and ideas to use custom umbrellas as promotional tools.

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