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Beat The Competition And Bad Weather Woes With Custom Umbrellas

Custom umbrellas are great marketing tools that will put your brand on display and push your competitors into oblivion. Put your brand and message right in front of the audience with custom umbrellas that will make your message seen even from a distance. Choose from a range of shapes and sizes that range from purse friendly models to massive golf umbrellas and wind proof models that your recipients will retain for a very long time.

58 Inch Arc Custom Printed MVP Rainbow Umbrellas

Promotional umbrellas stand out in the crowd, flaunting your brand and message in true style. Nobody can pluck their eyes off these brightly colored umbrellas that are customized with your brand, message or artwork. Umbrellas have come a long way since its origin as these are used as not just weather wear items but impressive props and fashion accessories among others.

Reports show that functional custom gifts that your recipients can actually use in their daily lives will enjoy incredible popularity than novelty gifts. Umbrellas are something that everyone needs to stay safe from weather elements. Every time they use these custom items your logo and message will get a wide angle exposure that you have been yearning for. The good thing is that custom umbrellas are available in various price points and you can easily choose a model that matches your budget. If you thought the most effective promotional items are the ones that will cost you a fortune, you could be in for a surprise with these wallet friendly custom gifts.

Custom umbrellas imprinted with your message will make perfect giveaways during tradeshows and events as these will scream for attention and will grab the attention of even casual onlookers. However, not every umbrella is for everyone.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind to make sure that your custom umbrella is something that will be usable for the group you are targeting.

Choose the right style. The umbrellas you select for your target audience should meet their tastes and preferences. For instance fashion umbrellas and bright colors will appeal to a younger audience while standard umbrellas and the no frill auto open umbrellas that are more functional than fashionable make great choices for mature customers. If you have to cater to a mixed audience comprising of kids, women and men customers, look no further than standard umbrellas in neutral colors that will never stand out like a sore thumb in any audience!

Pick the perfect venue: Mass events like tradeshows, sports events and business events will make perfect occasions where you can distribute custom umbrellas. It will give you an opportunity to reach out to a large crowd under the same roof, thereby saving your time and effort. Choose a distribution venue that complements your business so that your audience can relate to your brand instantly.

Come up with a marketing strategy. Before choosing custom umbrellas as your logo gifts, make sure you have a marketing strategy in place. Umbrellas can be used as raffle gifts, loyalty gifts, fund raising items and more. Choose a marketing strategy that will grab the attention of your audience to ensure maximum impact.

If you have any more tips to use custom umbrellas, share it with us at the comments section below.

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