Business promotion ideas for the holiday season

Holidays are wonderful time of the year not just for your clients on their holidays but also marketers as it is the right time for them to plan unique promotional ideas to gain the attention of the customers. Holiday season is the right time to promote brands and to inspire the users to try out your products as they will be in a relaxed state of mind free from the daily humdrums. Holiday gatherings, community events, tradeshows, marketers can opt for countless options to get their business information out into their customers.

Personalized 6.5 ft Vinyl Patiocafe Umbrella w 7 Colors

If you are looking for a promotional gift that is useful, budget friendly and will appeal to the diverse tastes and needs of the customers, then custom umbrellas will be good options. Promotional umbrellas are great hand outs during this time of year to thank your clients or to impress employees. Light weight and sleek, folding umbrellas are easy to distribute and mini umbrellas can even be sought for mailer campaigns and gift baskets by travel companies.

Spring and early summer is the season when most golf tournaments are played and it is also the time when most bars start opening up their outdoor areas, which means a fresh supply of patio and market-sized umbrellas is always on the cards. These custom umbrellas keep your logo at their eye levels to ensure a great advertising punch. The health care industry is another major market for promotional umbrellas and can be used to promote medical labs and doctor’s clinics among others and people will readily relate the health industry to umbrellas that keep them safe from rain. Outdoor holiday events are best promoted by custom logo umbrellas as these keep the customers well shaded and comfortable. You can also set up seats under the expansive golf umbrellas so that your recipients will be able to enjoy the events from a comfortable setting.

custom promo umbrellas

Holidays make a busy season for umbrellas when their sales touch an all time high. An umbrella is a useful item that everyone needs almost daily and how many of us think to go out and actually buy it for ourselves? Umbrellas are well appreciated as gifts and people prefer to retain these for a long time. The best thing is that most umbrellas like golf umbrellas, beach umbrellas and patio umbrellas can be used all through the holiday season to promote your logo and the customer friendly profile of your business alike.

Custom logo umbrellas make wonderful party favors and holiday gifts for employees. Your employees will surely feel well appreciated receiving an umbrella on a rainy day. Imagine the logo exposure that you get when these umbrellas are used on road, beach or during the holidays, giving your brand the added advantage of a mobile campaign.

Promotional umbrellas make an invaluable promotional tool for any business considering the exposure that it guarantees all around the year. The holiday time of year is not just loaded with fun but limitless opportunities for marketers to promote their business. Go for it!

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