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Custom Printed Promotional Umbrellas- Pros and cons

Custom printed umbrellas have always been our best selling products not for nothing! Here are some of the big advantages that custom umbrellas have.

  • A massive imprint area of promotional umbrellas will make it a great item to consider.
  • It will have ample space for your logo, message and artwork and the best part is that anything imprinted on these will be visible from a greater distance than other custom items.

The top sellers
The best selling models are golf umbrellas. Available in various canopy sizes from 60”, these personalized umbrellas will make your logo well seen both on and off the greens. These can be employed to promote golf leagues, business brands, hotels, sports bars and many others. Available in a range of shapes and sizes, these custom umbrellas will have some of the best sought after features like nylon fabric windefyer vented canopy, shoulder strap sleeve, fiberglass frame and manual open function.60'' Golf Customized Logo Umbrellas w/ 19 Colors

Midsized umbrellas are second in the list. Though these standard umbrellas may be not as big as golf umbrellas, these have ample branding space and make compact items for office or home use. Available in various attractive solid colors, multiple panel colors or printed designs, these umbrellas are available in a range of canopy sizes that range from 46” to 56”. Great for promoting all types of brands like fashion stores, sports leagues, banks , schools and more, these umbrellas make a perennially popular custom gifts for all types of branding.52 inch Arc Lockwood Auto Open Golf Umbrellas

Folding umbrellas which are compact and easy to carry around are the third most popular models. These can make a perfect logo item for students, women and elders especially. Imprint your logo, quote or artwork and see how your recipients will love to don the role of brand ambassadors for your message for a very long time.46 Inch Arc Customized Executive Umbrellas

Promotional umbrellas can also be combined with other daily use items like pens or bags for a greater brand exposure.

Now for the pros and cons of promotional umbrellas


  1. High brand visibility and impact
  2. Highly retained and rarely misplaced unlike smaller logo gifts like flash drives or pens.
  3. Impressive color and design choices
  4. Durable and long lasting item that will put your brand on display for several years.


  1. Umbrellas are not used all the time, which means that your brand name may not enjoy an optimum exposure all the time
  2. Light colored umbrellas may get dirty quickly

Browse our extensive collection of custom umbrellas and choose the one that complement your corporate theme or color. Summer is here already. Hurry!

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