Custom Umbrellas- Underrated Yet Popular Corporate Gifts

Ever thought of using promotional umbrellas as gifts?  Here are some astonishing factors about umbrellas that not many people might have thought about.

Impressive Retention

Did you know that umbrellas are kept over 14 months or more by the recipients? So, your logo and image over these will remain in plain view of your audience for a long time to come. Though umbrellas are not used daily, everyone keeps them on hand in case they are needed. Umbrellas will make people feel reassured and safe because they have a fool proof way to beat the unforeseen bad weather woes that they come across.

Lowest cost per impressions

Promotional Umbrellas have only a cost of 1 cent per impression, which makes it a great choice for budget friendly events and promotions. Everyone can use these as opposed to most other promotional items that could be specific to a certain audience or a fixed time of the year. Umbrellas will continue to make consistent impressions all through its shelf life, thereby ensuring more value for your promotional dime.


Umbrellas are everyday items that not many people can do away with, though some people may tend to overlook these ubiquitous items till they are caught in a rain! Umbrellas indeed make lives easier; and these have more relevance today in the context of the drastic climate changes that is happening all across the world.

Generous printing area

Can you think of a custom product that can beat the massive imprint space of umbrellas? Probably no! Umbrellas are available in a wide range of sizes with canopies as big as 6 ft or more as in the case of beach umbrellas or patio umbrellas.  Your message and logo imprinted on these big and bold backdrop will never fail to make heads turn and will get you ahead of the competition right away.

6 Ft Custom Printed Nylon Beach Umbrellas

Anything imprinted on umbrellas will never escape the eyes of the audience. It makes a smart way to pique interest among the users and build up a buzz. Umbrellas can be used in tradeshows or store promotions to grab the attention of the casual crowd and drive up the footfalls quite effectively.

Word of mouth publicity

The best part of umbrellas is that it will help you get more impressions down the road, instead of the first few impressions that any gift will make when someone receives the gift for the first time. It makes a billboard that pops up every time when your recipients open their umbrellas.


Umbrellas are designed to last for a long time and withstand the weather elements like rain and sun.  Choose from a range of models in umbrellas including antiwind umbrellas, UV resistant canopy and lightning resistant fiber glass handles among others.

62 inch Arc Custom Logo Umbrellas

Using personalized umbrellas are a great marketing idea for any business because everyone needs them and above all, most people often forget to buy them until they need it. Giving umbrellas as a free gift will not just meet their needs but will make your brand more memorable and special for your audience.

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