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Custom Wedding Umbrellas – Must Have For Every Wedding Come Rain Or Shine

Outdoor weddings have a unique charisma and charm to boast about. However, planning an outdoor wedding comes with its share of challenges considering the unpredictable weather elements. This is what makes custom wedding umbrellas a perfect handout for couples who dream of a fairy tale wedding outdoors. Offered in a range of styles and models, umbrellas will not just keep the guests safe from bad weather blues but will enhance beauty of the impromptu snaps of the big day. From classic white umbrellas to frills and ruffle patterns and embellished models, there is something special for everyone in wedding umbrellas.

Wedding umbrellas are a must have accessory on your special day! Here are some of the trending styles that have grabbed the headlines this season.

Create a perfect moment with white umbrellas

White symbolizes peace, beauty and bliss and it will stand out against the outdoor settings. Even those audacious couples who may be planning a winter wedding will find these logo items a great choice. Big enough for two, these delightful umbrellas will make your artwork, initials or message pop up much to the delight of your audience. The best part is that these logo items will look super special in the wedding snaps and help brighten up a grey day as well. These 43” white wedding umbrellas will make a great choice to consider. Budget friendly and long lasting, these umbrellas will make a great addition to any outdoor wedding day for sure.

Personalized 43 inch Wedding Umbrella

If you are having a vintage themed wedding in mind, choose a lovely design with frills and ornate designs. 46 inch Wedding Parasols Auto-Open Floral Ladies Ruffles Style  will make a fabulous choice as these automatic open umbrellas with elaborate floral ruffles, golden tips, frame and ferrule and  opera style handle with ebony wood finish will create a magical effect on your wedding day and send home your guests with beautiful memories. These will make your wedding snaps truly out of the world too. Every time your guests see these delightful umbrellas, they will be reminded of your wedding day.

Personalized 46 inch Wedding Parasols Auto-Open Floral Ladies Ruffles Style

Check out these eye popping   Ruffled Bridal Umbrella with Flower & Gold Frame that will make  a great choice for the bridal party and the brides maids. This automatic opening umbrella features an elaborate styling with flower ruffles, gold finished tips, frames and ferrule, and a tassel embellishment. Another delightful attraction of these umbrellas is the opera style handle created out of ebony wood. Imprint your brand and message on these stunning umbrellas and make heads turn!

46 inch Ruffled Bridal Umbrella with Flower & Gold Frame Wedding Party Shower Sun Parasol

Which of these custom wedding umbrellas are you planning to make yours? Share your thoughts with us at our facebook page to join an interesting banter.

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