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Tips To Choose The Most Appropriate Custom Umbrellas

Not all umbrellas are created equal. So, before you think of investing in these promotional items, you should consider some of the most popular models doing the rounds. While some models are downright functional there are a few that are more fashion forward than functional. So, get your basics right before choosing custom umbrellas your marketing tools. The last thing you want is having your name on an umbrella that doesn’t cater to the needs of your audience.

Types of umbrellas

Umbrellas are by no means a new invention ; and they have been around for thousands of years in different forms.  However, over a period of time, umbrellas have undergone a drastic change in the design.

From manual umbrellas to auto open umbrellas and square canopy umbrellas, you can choose from a wide range of models. Plus it is available in just about every price rate. Umbrellas are also available in various sizes and material choices like polyester and nylon among others. 

Models like golf umbrellas are lightning resistant and wind resistant. Umbrellas may also have different number of panels on the canopy. So, make sure to consider the specific needs of the audience before choosing a model.

If you are reaching out to a specific niche of audience group like the beach loving community or the golfers, you can easily choose models like antiwind umbrellas or beach umbrellas that will meet their needs. If you have a generic audience group to cater to it’s a good idea to go with standard umbrellas.

 Umbrellas have a high perceived value

Umbrellas are not for all types of promotional events because of its high sticker price. So, marketers can apply their discretion in choosing umbrellas for their events. For instance, logo umbrellas wont make a great giveaway for mass events like trade shows as it might stretch your dollars beyond the recommended extent. So, it is better to reserve it for high profile branding events like milestone events or to engage your high value clients. 

Color considerations

Umbrellas are available in a wide palette of colors from muted classic shades of grey  to  eye catching neon shades and brilliant prints. So, you can choose a stylish, understated umbrella that your audience will find appealing. Apart from solid colored umbrellas, you can also choose split-color umbrellas in your corporate colors. It will instantly draw attention to your company name and logo.

Customization options

Custom umbrellas come with a wide range of customization options including screen printing or color transfer and full color dye sublimation. Marketers can choose to make their branding subtle or bold as per the needs of their campaign. If you prefer an understated branding, you can think of placing your brand and artwork on the inner panels of the umbrellas or even on the handles or umbrellas cases. It will make sure to display your message for your audience without being overwhelming. Subtle branding will also encourage the audience to use your custom brollies more often without having to appear like your branding billboards.

Are you keen to explore the world of promotional umbrellas? Never fear! We have a complete line of custom umbrellas in all shapes and sizes. Should you need any further assistance, you can also reach out to our  product experts.

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