Make A Great Impact in Your Promotional Campaign Through These Oversized Umbrella

Nowadays, there are a lot of promotional gifts that are both popular and budget friendly. These promotional items will help you reach out to your audience on a wider scale and leave an ever lasting impression. In today’s highly competitive market, the key to be successful and be ahead of your competitors is being innovative in your marketing ways.72 inch Beach Customized Logo Umbrella

Umbrellas have been in the market as promotional items for quite a while already but not everyone is investing in these imprinted Oversized Umbrellas. These imprinted oversized umbrellas have so many advantages for your promotional campaign.

  • It has a large imprint area where you can have your business name or business logo flaunted.
    -> So what is the advantage of having a larger imprint area? Well, the larger the font, the easier it can be read, seen and get noticed even at a distance.98 inch Custom Promotional Umbrellas
  1. 72 Inch Beach Customized Logo Umbrellas With 5 Colors has a 13”x9” imprint area.
  2. 86 Inch Arc Custom Promotional Umbrellas With 7 Colors has a 16.5”x10.5” imprint area
  3. 98 Inch Custom Promotional Umbrellas With 5 Colors has a 18”x16” imprint area
  4. 82 Inch Arc Vented Custom Logo Umbrellas With 5 Colors has a 16.5”x10.5” imprint area
  • It helps brand recall easily.
    -> Not all promotional products create brand recall but there are a few items that are great for brand recalls especially when:
  1. The brand or business name should be seen at all times.
  2. The promotional item is important to users or consumers.
  • Due to its usefulness, this promotional item will have a long term effect.
    It has been proven in a study that 75% of promotional items have already been owned for more than half a year. Imagine the exposure your brand gets when your promotional imprinted umbrella continues to promote your business name after a year of handing it out!
  • If you want your promotions to last longer, you have to choose items that are using durable material to withstand wear and tear. The stronger the material used, the longer the product can last. Our imprinted umbrellas are made of polyester and nylon materials which are very strong materials made to last long.

All of our imprinted umbrellas under our oversized umbrella category are reasonably priced. We believe that all businesses deserve to promote their brands in a cost effective way. Effective promotional giveaways are the ones that will be used again and again.

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