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Patriotic Themed Custom Umbrellas As Memorial Day Gifts

Memorial Day is great time to not just show your nationalist pride but also to usher in the summer outdoor fun as the spring season drizzles give way to the bright summer sun. So, Memorial Day will also make an impromptu occasion to welcome summer and to plan a corporate weekend or a picnic party for your employees that will make them feel really special. If you are looking for a Memorial Day themed gift for your employees or customers, look no further than these season specific gifts of custom umbrellas.

Patriotic Themed Custom Umbrellas As Memorial Day Gifts

Memorial Day is one of the most important holidays for any American. Celebrated during the last Monday of May, it makes a solemn occasion to remember the soldiers who lost their lives in military action. Businesses can commemorate this day with appropriate promotional items that will spread awareness about the sacrifice of the forces in safeguarding the freedom and sovereignty. Imprinted umbrellas will make great handouts during tradeshows, awareness events, fund raising event and more to spread the Memorial Day message on these gifts that people will hold on to for years to come.

Check out this star and stripe American flag themed 64 inch Arc Vented Custom Imprinted Umbrellas that will make a perfect gift for Memorial Day themed events. Customize these you’re your brand and message and see how these logo umbrellas will make a great gift to cherish during memorial day parades and events. The best part is that even after this day, these patriotic themed umbrellas will make a highly practical weather wear item.

64 inch Arc Vented Custom Imprinted Umbrellas

Red, White & Blue 42 inchArc Printed Umbrellas that flaunt alternating panels of the national flag colors will make another interesting gift item. These logo items that will keep the recipients reminded of the significance of the day and will make your brand, representatives of your business and nation alike. These umbrellas stand out for its well recognized US flag colors of red, blue and white. Businesses or marketers who wish to play safe with their investments can choose these umbrellas as promotional items during Memorial Day and other days of national interest.

Custom Red, White & Blue 42 inchArc Printed Umbrellas

Red, White & Royal 64 inch Arc Mulligan Golf Umbrellas will grab the interests of the targeted customers due to its typical “USA Flag” color profile. The massive canopy will make a perfect billboard for you to imprint your brand and message. These golf umbrellas that are designed to withstand the wind and the outdoor elements will make a perfect choice for the greens and will make your message well seen even from a distance.

Customized Red, White & Royal 64 inchArc Mulligan Golf Umbrellas

Browse our complete line of flag themed umbrellas on the occasion of Memorial Day and show your brand’s commitment towards a socially responsible promotion.

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