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Plan a Great Outdoor Advertising with Custom Umbrellas

The best promotional gifts are the ones that are both effective and budget friendly. If you are looking for a popular custom gift that are useful across all seasons and are patronized by both men and women customers, look no further than promotional umbrellas. It has a cutting edge advantage over other advertising handouts because of their usability all round the year. Umbrellas are used many times a day by people to keep themselves protected from weather elements and even as stylish accessories.

The best part is that umbrellas have a long shelf life and will create a lot of brand impressions as they get used over and over again. The wide canopy of umbrellas offers a generous imprint area and a high value real estate for your brand and message. Umbrellas will make a high visibility mobile billboard for your brand that will let you reach out to a wider audience. A trendy and smartly customized umbrella will often make a talking topic in social circles as well.

Umbrellas are offered in a range of attractive colors and designs as well, which makes it easy for you to choose a model that matches your theme. Your brand and message on umbrellas will easily capture the attention of passersby, thereby taking your brand into an extended audience. There can’t be a better option than custom umbrellas to amp up your outdoor promotions.

Here are some popular umbrella models that can be considered.

Golf Umbrellas

Golf is one of the most played sports in the country, which means promotional golf umbrellas will go a long way in spreading your name in the green. These can be used not just to promote golf themed events and brands but for any brands and businesses. Golf greens attract a lot of aspiring players, the well heeled businessmen, players and a keen audience, which means that your brand will be put on display in front of a speckled audience.

No matter whether you are planning a corporate golf weekend or a sponsorship for some local leagues, incorporate these golf umbrellas into your outdoor activities to show that you are pretty serious about your promotions and the game alike. You can choose from a range of golf umbrellas in various models and colors to complement your theme. Your brand will outsmart your competitors easily.

Standard  Umbrellas

These simple and no- nonsense standard umbrellas are great for every genre of audience. These imprinted parasols will put your brand ahead for the whole world to see.  One of the most popular handouts among custom umbrellas, these logo items will get your competitors piqued out in no time.  Imagine the exposure your brand will get every time your recipients open the umbrellas in markets, streets or parks. Umbrellas will make consistent brand impressions without any repeat effort and will do the marketing for themselves.

54 Inch Arc Lockwood Auto Open Golf Umbrellas

Telescopic Umbrellas

Light weight, portable yet sturdy, telescopic umbrellas are perfect choices for people on the move. Small enough to fit into a bag or a purse, these umbrellas will make a great handout for customers of every genre. Every time your recipients use these trendy umbrellas, their engagement with your brand will go up manifold. The best part is that these will complement all dressing styles as well. The unisex design and the automatic open style of these umbrellas will further enhance the popularity of these logo items.

42 Inch Arc Custom Telescopic Folding Umbrellas

Last but not the least, custom umbrellas are not season specific and come handy in every weather conditions, which makes it a popular logo item. Browse our collection to choose umbrellas that match your theme and boost your brand presence easily. For more tips and assistance, feel free to reach us.

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