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Nobody Can Get Enough Of These Spin Worthy Custom Pinwheel Umbrellas

Umbrellas are functional items alright; but these days they make stylish accessories and trendy fun items that people can’t get enough of! The latest in the league of fun umbrellas include pinwheel umbrellas  that will steal the hearts of the onlookers with its  colorful vent design that resembles the childhood pinwheel toys.

Custom Printed 58 Inch Vented Pinwheel Umbrellas

The vent design that stands out against the black canopy will make it stand out from the crowd, thereby ensuring a high visibility to your logo and message. Everytime your recipients carry these attractive umbrellas everywhere they go, your brand on it will enjoy a high visibility piggy ride.

More than oodles of charm, these pinwheel umbrellas have an impressive auto opening arc, a two tone foam with wrist strap, fiberglass ribs and a matching fabric case with shoulder strap. Imprint your message and artwork on the black canopy. Pinwheel also has a wide-tie, which can be utilized for additional imprinting. If you are looking for more value for your money, look no further than custom pinwheel umbrellas.

These trendy umbrellas make a popular gift for both men and women and make a popular gift item to appease even the most discerning customers in your list. Pinwheel umbrellas can be used to promote any business line including golf leagues, schools, fashion brands and more. The dramatically beautiful six different brilliant color combinations will make it a true traffic stopper in every event.

Let’s be frank about it! Umbrellas are something that everyone needs even in this digital age.  An average household will have at least 4-6 umbrellas, which gives it an overwhelming presence everywhere. Personalize it with catchy slogans and artwork to make people pause and take a closer look at these brilliantly patterned umbrellas. Quite rightly umbrellas make excellent banter topic that nobody can resist.

Pin wheel umbrellas can be used in countless ways to get your message out. Be it as fund raising items for your nonprofit organization, team spirit items to support your home or store promotional items that nobody can overlook- these umbrellas will fit the bills of all types of events and observances. Make the most of your marketing dime by using these custom umbrellas that will make your message well seen even from a distance. Umbrellas will hoist your brand and message over the heads of everyone around, which will ensure an undivided attention of the audience.

Designed to look good and last long, these custom umbrellas are not just for bad weather but will fare well as accessories, props and décor items. These delightful umbrellas that share the fun vibe of the childhood fun toy of pinwheel are especially great options as part favors and festival gifts.

Have you used pinwheel umbrellas in your promotions? If yes, share your thoughts at the comments section below. We would love to hear from you.

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