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How Market Umbrellas Make Budget Friendly Billboards That Are Hard To Miss Out

Umbrellas have been used as items of publicity for a very long time. Be it the colorful beach umbrellas that can be used to promote beach events, festivals and resorts among others to the wide canopy golf umbrellas that scream out your message in the greens and the impressive custom market umbrellas that draw curious glances towards your store even in crowded and crammed streets, we can literally go on and on about these ubiquitous items of custom umbrellas.


Market umbrellas make excellent publicity materials thanks to its massive size and impressive shape. Marketers can use it at fairs, tradeshows, carnivals and festivals to grab the attention of everyone around and to stand out of their competitors without having to shell out a fortune. Mainly used outdoors, market umbrellas can be used to promote cafes, hotels, events, concerts and more. Popular all round the year, custom market umbrellas are particularly useful during summer and rains except during stormy conditions or at night.

The humungous size of these umbrellas will never fail to set off curiosity among people around. Marketers love to show off these logo imprinted umbrellas at bus stations, community parks and other crowded locations that are frequented by people of all walks of life to get maximum publicity and reach for their message. These umbrellas imprinted with your brand name will meet the basic aim of brand building at low investment.

Choices galore

Market umbrellas use three types of frames namely Aluminum, wooden and fiber glass.

Aluminum – The most popular type of frame used for market umbrellas, aluminum can support all types of light weight fabric. Aluminum is durable and is resistant to natural elements. Some of the models to consider include 6 ft 6 Panel Custom Market Umbrella w/ 5 Colors or 7 ft x 4 Panel Square Personalized Market Umbrella w/ 4 Colors

Aluminum 6 ft 6 Panel Custom Market Umbrella w/ 5 Colors

Wooden – Wooden frames will impart a classic charm to the umbrellas and these heavy weight frames can support thick fabrics like suede, satin and velvet. The traditional beauty of these umbrellas will make it a perfect choice for advertising period furniture or heritage homes. 7 ft Wood Square Promotional Market Umbrella w/ 5 Colors or 7 ft x 6 Panel Personalized Market Umbrellas w/ 10 Colors will be good options to consider.

7 ft Wood Square Promotional Market Umbrella w/ 5 Colors

Fiberglass – Trendy and strong, these frames are non corrosive and can be used in all kinds of climatic conditions, particularly in seaside locations. These umbrellas are quite popular among seaside resorts and coastal shanties as these umbrellas remain steady even in windy conditions outdoors. 9 ft x 8 Panel Customized Market Umbrellas w/ 6 Colors will be a good choice.

9 ft x 8 Panel Customized Market Umbrellas w/ 6 Colors

Customization Tips
Market umbrellas have a wide canopy area that offers ample customization options for the marketers. Custom market umbrellas are offered in a range of solid color tones and marketers can choose umbrellas in their corporate color theme for added impact. Imprint your logo, artwork or slogans to make it attractive and eye catching.

Outdoor market umbrellas make one of the most affordable ways to reach out to a large audience. These dramatically oversized umbrellas will leave a lasting impression compared to traditional media marketing campaigns. The best part is that these logo items are long lasting and can be used for a long time. Every time these imprinted umbrellas are in use, your brand will enjoy a wide angle display without any repeat investment or effort.

Browse our collection of market umbrellas and choose a model that matches your promotional needs.

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