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How Promotional Umbrellas Can Boost Your Brand Visibility Easily

By putting your logo on a useful item like umbrellas, you can always put your brand on top of the minds of your recipients even when they are not immediately engaged in business with you. The utility of custom gifts is what determines its effectiveness. Choosing a logo umbrella will go a long way in making your brand easily spotted well within your budget.

Umbrellas are crowd pleasers

Umbrellas are offered in a range of interesting models and color choices. Choose a model that matches the life style and hobbies of your target audience to make it useful to your recipients and ensure regular usage. The more they use these logo items the more will be your brand visibility.

For instance, if your recipients have a particular interest in golf or other outdoor activities, then golf umbrellas or beach umbrellas might be best for you. Every time they hit the greens or the beach front for a well deserved break your message will get a lot of attention. Marketers can also use custom golf umbrellas to promote their beach resorts, cafes or golf weekends. The massive canopy of golf umbrellas will make a perfect canvas for you to position your message. The best part is that everyone will see it from a distance.

6 Feet Custom Printed Beach Umbrellas

If you want to reach out to recipients who are living in a more urban setting, fashion umbrellas or anti wind umbrellas would make a neutral choice as they will find it more useful while commuting for work or on a shopping day.  These might be used on more occasions too and your brand will get undivided attention of everyone around.

43 inch Arc personalized Umbrellas w/ 15 Colors

Mini umbrellas will also make a great give-away. These handy umbrellas will look good with your brand on and will be useful as emergency to-go items or glove compartment items. Smaller items are more likely to be used than large and heavy gift items.

Quality Should Be The Watchword

Make sure that the custom umbrellas that you choose have a quality construction so that the recipients can use it for a longer time. If it holds up over time, it will say something good about the company that gave it too. Quality gifts will take your branding beyond the logo, foster strong associations and leave a stronger statement than any words would!

Logo umbrellas make a highly visible way to promote your business by shielding the users from weather elements and displaying your company’s image in public. These useful daily use items make portable billboards for your brand that not many people can resist!

Have you used custom umbrellas in your promotions? Share your experiences  in the comments section below.

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