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4 Customer Types That Would Love Custom Umbrellas as gifts

Custom umbrellas make a great gift for marketers because these are high utility items that everyone needs. Offered in a mind boggling range of colors and styles, umbrellas will ensure a panoramic display for your message even from a distance. Interestingly most people don’t even think of buying an umbrella for themselves till they get drenched to the bone in a cloud burst.

Gone are the days when umbrellas used to be black and boring; these days there are a lot of interesting options, colors and patterns that will leave you truly besotted. If you are looking for a perfect tradeshow gift, a corporate gift or store promotional item, custom umbrellas will be a perfect choice. It is not all, these logo items make great party favors and fashionable personal gifts as well.

Which Type Of People Will Love Umbrellas As Gifts?

Everyone needs umbrellas in their daily lives; but here are some tips to choose the most appropriate umbrellas that these specific audience types will simply enjoy.

Here is a quick listing

The Fashionable crowd

Think about the young and next gen crowd that loves the latest gadgets, fast music and the hottest fashion trend. Custom umbrellas in bold colors and those that will leave a statement will tug their hearts easily. Opt for fun yet unique models.

Design recommendations: White/Polka Dot 43 inch Arc Totes will make a great choice.

Personalized White/Polka Dot 43 inch Arc Totes Auto-Open/Close Umbrellas

The serious crowd who deserves some fun

If you are looking for a custom umbrella for the busy moms, travelling executives and people on the move, look for standard umbrellas that are truly functional. These no- nonsense reliable umbrellas will make great tradeshow handouts, corporate gifts and more.

Design recommendations:46 Inch Arc Custom Printed Umbrella

46 Inch Arc Custom Printed Umbrella with Collapsible Cover

The sporty type

Think about all those golf lovers, the game day fans or the road warriors in your list. Golf umbrellas will make a great choice to consider. The impressive canopy will make a great canvas for you to place your brand. Your audience will surely love the message imprinted on these logo items.

Design recommendations:  60 Inch Arc Custom Logo Steel Golf Umbrella

60'' Golf Customized Logo Umbrellas w/ 19 Colors

The beach lovers

Everyone loves beach alright, but we are talking about the hardcore beach fans who hate the idea of taking their feet off the soft white sand on the beach. The best umbrella gift to keep them happy is the beach umbrellas. The attractive color choices and the massive canopies will give beach umbrellas a huge fan base and a fairy tale charm to die for!

Design recommendations: 6 Ft Custom Printed Nylon Beach Umbrellas

6 Ft Custom Printed Nylon Beach Umbrellas

We have a complete line of personalized umbrellas for the rain and shine days, fashion days and outdoor events. Find an umbrella model that will match your customer’s choice for maximum impact. Need tips? Call us and make a well informed decision.

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