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Custom Wedding Umbrellas – Unique Wedding Favors That Wont Cost You A Fortune

Wedding Day is a special event in everyone’s lives. Couples spend a lot of time and effort in planning the day and to make sure that it turns out the way they want. Wedding day favors play an important part of the day. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, umbrellas make perfect wedding gift for the guests- something that’s unique, and memorable. The best part is that it doesn’t cost you a fortune and has your personality written all over it.

Offered in a range of attractive choices and colors, wedding umbrellas will double up a photo props, table centerpieces, wedding décor items and more. Let your creative juices flow to optimize these popular custom gifts and impress the audience. Umbrellas are high utility items that will enjoy a long retention. Everytime your guests use these pretty umbrellas they will surely feel well appreciated and will remember the great time they had on your wedding day.

Here are some of the interesting models in wedding umbrellas

46 inch Arc Wedding Favor Umbrella: These transparent canopy umbrellas will make a delightful wedding favor to consider. It is trendy, popular and above all will complement the theme of the wedding theme. The automatic open function of  these umbrellas will enhance the popularity of these umbrellas. Customize these with your initials and message to give it a personal touch.

Customized 46 inch Arc Wedding Favor Umbrella

46 inch Wedding Parasols Auto-Open Floral Ladies Ruffles Style:  These vintage style wedding umbrellas will make a great choice during bridal shower. The elegant and elaborate floral ruffles, golden tips, frame and ferrule, deluxe tassel embellishment and opera style handle with ebony wood finish will make it a perfect addition to the wedding frames. The women guests will all be swept off their feet literally with these pretty umbrellas.

Personalized 46 inch Wedding Parasols Auto-Open Floral Ladies Ruffles Style

44 inch Auto-Open Wedding Party Umbrella: These attractive umbrellas will make a great gift to thank your wedding guests. This auto open wedding party umbrella will steal the hearts of everyone with its useful features like metal shaft with plastic handle and carrying strap.

Personalized 44 inch Auto-Open Wedding Party Umbrella

Wedding umbrellas are great for themed weddings or destination weddings especially. Add a mystical charm to your event with these pretty wedding umbrellas that are born to make heads turn. Decorative and functional alike, these delicate umbrellas will complement the magical profile of the wedding day and infuses a romantic element to the special day. Which of these pretty umbrellas are you planning to use as your wedding favors? Share your thoughts at the comments section below and join the conversation.

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