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Pretty personalized umbrellas for an Outdoor summer Wedding

Every bride will love to look for a perfect weather day to say her wedding vows. Some brides even wait till summer or spring season to get married so that bad weather blues will not spoil their special day and she will look post card pretty in her wedding snaps. However, due the unpredictable weather patterns of modern times- blame it on global warming- it has become virtually impossible to make an accurate weather forecast. You should be prepared for anything in your stride. No matter it is rain or shine, having some pretty wedding umbrellas will save your big day.46 Inch Arc Custom Shelter Pod Dome Shaped Vinyl Umbrellas

So, if you are planning a spring wedding, where there is a likelihood of showers, it will be a smart idea to order for a batch of custom wedding umbrellas for you and your guests to use in case of an unexpected shower. The couple will find these personalized umbrellas great handouts for their wedding guests as well. Imprint your name, initials or even snapshots on these umbrellas to make a perfect bespoke gift that your guests will cherish all their lives. Make sure to make it creative and unique so that the wedding guests can use it on any bad weather day without looking out of place. These dome shaped transparent umbrellas will be a good choice to consider.

Reports suggest that on an average, 69 million Americans travel to attend a wedding in a year. With the concept of destination weddings catching up the fancy of prospective brides and grooms, there has been a steady surge in the number of guests who travel to attend marriage ceremonies. Be it in a historic home, a golf green or a beach, it is important to greet and treat your guests with warmth and hospitality. Wedding favors like custom umbrellas will go a long way in enhancing the milieu of your wedding day.

Umbrellas as promotional gifts for wedding planners

Most couples delegate the planning and execution of their most important day to professionals to make sure that everything falls in place just the way they dream! It takes a lot of effort and time to plan the fine details of any wedding and when the couples should be happy and well relaxed on their wedding day, they cannot run around countless errands and tasks that pop up from everywhere. So, if you are a wedding planner, make use of the promotional power of these custom umbrellas. Imprint your company name or url on these umbrellas and on a rainy day, everyone will be hoisting your brand! If the wedding day turns out to be something stupendous, your brand on these will surely get a few extra eyeballs as the guests file from the wedding ceremony to the reception hall.

You can designate an umbrella drop-off area so that these umbrellas can be reused in future occasions. As the guests remain dry and well groomed even on a wet and damp day, your brand will surely make an interesting talking topic for your guests.

Browse our regularly updated collection of custom umbrellas and choose a model that matches your style. Should you need any more tips and trends, we are only a buzz away!

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