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Follow Your Unique Style Of Promotions With Custom Umbrellas

Custom umbrellas are available in different colors, models and patterns. Marketers can make use of the immense popularity of these logo items to get their message out and to complement their business identity. The wide canopy area will make an attractive billboard to place your brand, artwork or message. The countless color choices in umbrellas will let you choose a model that matches your corporate color or event theme.

Personalized 48 inch Auto-Open Wood Grain Handle Fashion Umbrella

Promotional gifts that are fun and functional tend to be the most popular among customers. Umbrellas are something that everyone needs; not just to stay well shielded against weather elements but also as style statements, props and more. The recipients of these tastefully personalized umbrellas in an eye pleasing colors will be more inclined to take these around on a regular basis as these limited edition umbrellas will earn them a few eyeballs.

Though there are no hard and fast rules to customize umbrellas, here are a few tips that will pack a punch to your promotions using logo umbrellas.

Flashy colors

Choose these show stoppers of umbrellas in solid color tones. The brilliant colors will surely grab the attention of even the most casual observers. Match it with your theme or event for added effect. For instance, if you are planning to organize an AIDS awareness campaign, choose red colored umbrellas. The more heads you turn the more exposure your brand will get! Sometimes all it takes is a speck of garish color to grab the attention of everyone around.

Multicolored umbrellas

The more the colors the more will be the visibility; at least that is what promotional umbrellas are all about. Choose umbrellas with multi colored panels where different colors alternate on each panel to make a dramatic spectacle. Check out these custom imprinted umbrellas with 10 colors , where colored panel alternates with white to make it eyecatchy.

Another interesting model in the multi colored umbrella category is 48 inch Auto-Open Wood Grain Handle Fashion Umbrella. The wood grain handle gives it a rustic look while the alternating panels of white and solid colors make it surreally beautiful. These fashion umbrellas can be stored in the matching fabric case with the shoulder strap. Put your brand name on these easily noticeable customized fashion umbrellas and see how your brand exposure shoots up in no time.

There’s nothing like a strong color combination to turn people’s heads . Make the best use of it!

Transparent Umbrellas

It is not the colors that always win; it could be the lack of colors that turn out to be the trump card at times. Check out these translucent umbrellas that are worth a thoughtful consideration. The main advantage of these umbrellas is that these will ensure a clear, 360 degree view of the blue sky or the rain drops and the spring colors even while staying shielded. For business owners, clear umbrellas will ensure a high visibility backdrop for them to place their logo and message, which will easily stand out. With no background colors or patterns to distract the eye, the whole attention of the people who see these umbrellas will be towards the message and logo imprinted on these. If you are not sure how your design will turn out against a specific color, play safe with these transparent umbrellas. Available in different sizes, these transparent umbrellas will impart a fairy tale charm to your promotions.

Umbrellas that bring together style and fun have always addressed the interests of modern buyers. The best part is that custom umbrellas do not cost an arm or leg. With many competitors trying to grab the attention of the potential audience, custom gifts like umbrellas that meet the needs of the recipients will give you an added advantage.

Browse our collection of custom umbrellas and choose an item that suits your needs. Shop right away!

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