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3 Top Tips To Design Promotional Umbrellas And Enhance Brand Visibility

Custom Umbrellas are one of the most popular promotional items for companies that wish to market their brand. These high utility items will be highly appreciated by the audience, especially when you choose the right models and customize them in style. To make your custom umbrellas highly popular, you must pay attention to every element that matters.

47 Inch Arc Promotional Clear Bubble Umbrellas with Hook Handle

Choose the right models

Choose umbrellas that match the needs of your target audience. For instance if you wish to reach out to an audience comprising of women, fashion umbrellas may be a good choice. Beach umbrellas may be a perfect selection for a younger audience or those who enjoy an active and outdoorsy life style. Golf umbrellas are great for golf aficionados for older people.

Spare a thought at what to print

Umbrellas should be customized in an interesting way so as to make them shout your message to everyone who across them. The massive canopy will offer a large canvas for you to place your brand and message. However make sure not to overdo it; use your creativity to make the umbrellas look smart and desirable in the eyes of the recipients all the while spreading your promotional message. Custom umbrellas can be customized in the inner canopy or on the covers or handles to suit your diverse promotional needs.

If you are intending to use custom umbrellas to promote concerts or golf events, you can afford to go a bit overboard as it will gel well with the theme. However if you are using custom umbrellas as corporate gifts or store promotional items, choose models that are a bit plain and sober.

Choose Appropriate Colors

Choose custom umbrellas in colors that match your corporate colors so that your recipients can easily associate your brand with these logo items. While brilliantly colored umbrellas fit the bills of business promotional umbrellas, transparent umbrellas make pretty choices as party favors or wedding gifts.

Quality is important

Your recipients will judge your brand on the basis of the quality of custom umbrellas that you use. So, make sure to choose a reasonably good quality custom umbrella that matches with your promotional budget.  Considering that umbrellas are very practical items, it is recommended to choose the best quality brollies to make sure that your recipients use it on a daily basis thereby putting your message across to a wider audience.

If you need tips or information on the most trending custom umbrellas in the market, we are only a call away. Hurry! Spring is right here and the sunny summer can’t be far away!

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