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Popular Halloween Umbrellas for Gifting During Halloween

If you are person, who believes in utilizing every single promotional opportunity for brand building, then probably Halloween would be the next thing on your list. You might have already tried out scary masks or fiery promotional objects, why don’t you try out customized umbrellas for brand building this year. Going by trends, following are some of the popular promotional umbrellas considered for gifting during Halloween season –

Popular Halloween Umbrellas for Gifting During Halloween

  • Bubble Umbrellas – The spherical shape of this umbrella easily makes it a charmer. People love carrying it over their heads throughout the year. This means even if you decide to offer them with some scary symbols imprinted over them, still people would love them. This umbrella can be easily managed within jacket pockets or they can be hung around wrists. This is definitely going to bring you long term returns against the investment.
  • Paper Umbrellas – Paper umbrellas were popular with ancient Chinese and they used it for religious purposes. These umbrellas are perceived with high importance by many people, so you can always try to seek maximum benefits by gifting them during Halloween season.
  • LED Umbrellas– These umbrellas truly serve purpose of Halloween. People spend enough time and energy on deciding scary outfits for Halloween and they can team them with lighting umbrellas. It will complete their look and aid them to get popular with the crowd. Also, they can carry around these lighting umbrellas throughout the year, while going out. It will easily make them visible in the crowd.

Popular Halloween Umbrellas for Gifting During Halloween

  • Alternate Panel Umbrellas – What is so scary about them?  Literally nothing, still they can aptly coalesce into the theme of Halloween.  White alternated panels with dark are always popular for gifting at other times, but you can depend on two dark color alternated panels for a change. Because they can be synchronized with darker clothes that you wear to Halloween parties!
  • Golf Umbrellas – They generate interest due to their huge size. You can spice up the show by choosing some big golf umbrellas in contrasting color profiles or dark colors. People would instantly love them and start using them regularly. It will give longetivity to your business messages without any second efforts. Also, it will buy you long face time in lives of your targeted customers.

There is actually no bar on the type of umbrella you can use for Halloween promotions; still you can always make the choice all depending on your targeted guest list, budget and personal preferences.

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