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Promotional Umbrellas –Display Your Brand In Style, Rain Or Shine!

Colorful and festive, custom umbrellas will add a speck of flair to even a low key promotion.  Highly useful and trending, umbrellas make incredibly popular freebies because everyone will be pleased at the thought of getting a daily use item like umbrella as their free gift. Marketers will get a massive canvas for positioning their brand and message and the visibility that they get will depend on how well they customize it.

Personalized Mini 42 inch Arc Umbrellas w/ 17 Colors

But why Umbrellas?

Most people spend a lot of time outdoors, well exposed to the weather elements. Apart from shelter and shade, custom umbrellas make stylish accessories and props that people find irresistible. The best part is that branded umbrellas enjoy a high perceived value, which makes them a class apart from ordinary handouts. Customize it with a personalized message to make it special. No matter whether you use it as employee incentives, referral gifts , store promotional items or more, everyone will be super excited to get a handy custom gift like umbrellas.  Every time they open these weather wear items, your brand and message will get a lot of attention from everyone around.

Promotional umbrellas are versatile and well suited for all types of occasions and events. However, it is never too hard to choose a model that matches the occasion. The critical part of choosing a custom umbrella is the intended use of the umbrellas of the users. You need to take into account how many people may want to use it simultaneously. Larger canopy umbrellas ensure better coverage but may not be a great choice for cars or while commuting to work because travelers may look for something compact and light weight.

If you are promoting a golf tournament during fall season where occasional showers are expected, choose a brilliantly colored golf umbrella with an arc of 48 inches or more as your promotional item. Your brand and message on these will get a lot of attention even beyond the greens when your recipients use it at picnics or camp grounds.

Looking for an interesting designer umbrella for use at campus tours or at hotel front? You can consider the larger models of 60 inch sizes, which can keep more than one person dry. Market umbrellas are perfect choices for groups of people at a table or booth for outdoor promotions and events. The massive imprint area on the panels can be exploited to put your brand and message on a wide display.

Are you handing out umbrellas for people on the go? Promotional Folding Umbrellas will be a great option because these full size umbrellas will fold down into a compact size that is easy to carry around. Offered in a range of sizes and colors,   businesses can choose a model that matches your corporate color and the needs of the target audience. For instance auto dealers can choose a model that can fit under the seat while tour agencies can opt for umbrella models like mini umbrellas that fit their travel bags.

Whichever size you choose, umbrellas will have canopies that will highlight your company logo brilliantly. Whatever your specific promotional needs might be, you are rest assured that we can direct you to some of the best promotional folding umbrellas to bear your company logo.

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