The Winning Cards of Custom Umbrellas as Marketing Tools

Everyone needs umbrellas to stay safe from bad weather on their way to office, during outdoor holidays or even road trips and camping. This is where custom umbrellas come to the bigger picture as marketing tools.  Imprinted with your brand and message, it will make a high visibility billboard for your loyal customers and clients. Available in a wide range of umbrellas in various price rates, these can be customized as per your requirements and preference.

Walksafe® Vented Auto Open/Close Compact Umbrellas

A promotional umbrella is a guaranteed marketing tool which will make your logo shine even in bad weather and rain during which most of the outdoor promotions come to a grinding halt. Whether it is beach umbrellas, golf umbrellas, auto open umbrellas and mini umbrellas, we have something special for every  promotional need.

Printed Blue Sky and Clouds Inverted Umbrellas

Umbrellas are perfect handouts all- round the year and make an amazingly effective brand advertising tools that increase brand visibility and brand recognition. The massive imprint space of umbrellas will ensure uninterrupted view of your message even in crowded events.

Ombre Auto Open Compact Umbrellas

Imprinted umbrellas help businesses spread the word about your services while ensuring shade from elements for the recipients. Highly practical, umbrellas make handouts with a high perceived value, which makes it ideal for high value clients and special events.

Here are some reasons to have promotional umbrellas branded with logo

If you wish to get your message across to an audience that is constantly on the move, custom umbrellas will make the right promotional product for your campaign.  Whether you wish to enhance brand awareness or brand visibility then custom umbrellas will make a great choice.

Auto Open Stick With Wood Handle Umbrellas

Brand recognition is the foundation of most businesses. More the brand visibility more likely the business will succeed. These massive moving billboards are not only practical but will put your brand on a wide display and draw more eyes to your business.

The long retention of custom umbrellas is another factor that will turn the tides of your promotions in your favor.  Umbrellas are one of the most retained  products among the audience, which means that you get consistent impressions at one time investment. Thus promotional umbrellas will keep on delivering even after the marketing campaign has ended.

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