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Things To Remember While Buying Custom Umbrellas

Custom umbrellas make extremely popular and powerful promotional items for all types of businesses. Umbrellas can be used all round the year and can be handed out to all types of customers without the risk of being rebuffed for having chosen the wrong size or color choices unlike many other logo items! The massive imprint area coupled with the advantage of fabulous choices and budget friendly rates will make promotional umbrellas hugely popular among marketers.Personalized 84 inch Wind Proof Patio Umbrella

However, choosing the right custom umbrella is easier said than done considering the fact that picking the right model from hundreds of models of umbrellas can be overwhelming.

So, here are a few tips that will make your selection process easy.

Spare a thought on your recipients
Keep the needs of your recipients in mind while buying a promotional umbrella. If you are looking to promote your golf course you will obviously need golf umbrellas while beach resorts will find beach umbrellas a more appropriate choice. On the other hand if you wish to employ custom umbrellas as tradeshow handouts, mini umbrellas or personal umbrellas will be best options. So, think about the audience that you will be handing out these logo gifts to find a model that will suit their needs and expectations.

Weather patterns
Does the city that your business is based at have a sunny and warm weather for most part of the year? If yes, colored umbrellas and mini umbrellas will be a good option to consider. Antiwind umbrellas are great for areas that are prone to gust and rains as these are designed to withstand even the toughest weather conditions. By choosing weather appropriate umbrella models, you can ensure that your customers use these logo items more often and on a regular basis.44 inch Vented Auto Open Customized Logo Umbrellas

Bulk orders carry the best discounts
As we all know , the bigger the order , better will be the deal. So if you are planning a mass promotion, custom umbrellas in bulk will make a perfect choice. However, if you have only a small audience to reach out to, it is better to opt for the low minimum models.

Casual or formal
If you are promoting youth clubs, schools or colleges, you can consider brightly colored and full color umbrellas or fashion umbrellas, which is a rage among the younger audience.

However, if you are promoting a professional company or business, you should opt for dark and formal colored umbrellas. Make sure to choose models that your customers will like as only a stylish and popular design will succeed in getting your message out easily.

Size and type
Custom umbrellas are available in various sizes and arc sizes to cater to the specific needs of your recipients. For instance, a beach umbrella will be a popular gift choice among beach lovers and to promote beach events and country club events but a mini umbrella will make a better option to reach out to working executives who travel a lot.

Now that you have the basic tips in hand to choose custom umbrellas, it is easier as never before to pick up an ideal product that will be used often by your recipients. Happy shopping!

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