What are the Popular Colors for Wedding Umbrellas?

Wedding umbrellas are lovely, impressive and considered auspicious in most cultures. They are used as a shelter over heads by brides and bridesmaid and as a fashion accessory. Going by trends, most brides are known to show inclination towards colors such as –

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  • White – Pristine, crispy, chaste and elegant are some of the emotions associated with white umbrellas. Brides always cherish the feeling of elegance associated with their white blemish wedding gowns and white matching wedding accessories. Floral ruffles style wedding parasol, white embroidered cotton wedding umbrella, white pagoda wedding umbrella will make every bride look beautiful. Works best for all church weddings.
  • Fuchsia– Every bride and her bridesmaid looks bright and dazzling while carrying the fuchsia umbrella -do you know why? Because this color spells richness and deeply percolates into minds with its vividness. Makes a wonderful accessory during red themed weddings and most winter weddings, where red or fuchsia are largely preferred by most bridal parties.
  • Lavender–  A favored color tone in most Christian weddings because it represents refinement with grace and gently overpowers the visual senses. Lavender parasols can make any bride and her mighty bridesmaid look elegant against all odds! Makes a wonderful bridal accessory during summer and spring weddings, when purple or violet color themes are preferred. Lavender umbrellas can easily evoke feelings of nostalgia or romance with most women and men alike.
  • Pink- Feminine, gentle, and romantic – are some of the synonyms that you can easily associate with a pink wedding umbrella. A pink parasol or pink satin umbrella uplifts moods and fuels memories at a wedding.
  • Turquoise – A turquoise umbrella is popular with many American brides because it generates a sweet feminine feel within any onlooker. Works perfect during old-fashioned and 50’s or 60’s themed weddings.
  • Yellow – Yellow wedding umbrella suggests happiness and appeases visual senses.  Can be best utilized during tropical themed weddings and beach weddings.
  • Orange– Richness personified orange umbrellas can be employed during summer and spring weddings, when everything around looks bright and exciting.

What are the Popular Colors for Wedding Umbrellas?

  • Blue – Is considered a trendy color theme in all seasons. Blue umbrellas coupled with blue flowing gowns will complete the festive riots of colors. Be it a classic, vintage or modern wedding, blue umbrella adds charm to the event. A blue umbrella makes a perfect accessory during winter weddings and makes the user stand out in crowd.

You can employ any of these colored umbrellas in different capacities to spice up the wedding festivities.

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