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Corner stone for a winning trademark

A real life instance forced me to have an in depth research on the utility of golf umbrellas as brand promotional articles when my husband was searching for a unique brand promotional item. The weather forecast was sunny for the game. But the there were dark clouds on the sky when we reached the club. Suddenly the first drop of rain hit my nose.  It was with great excitement that I and my friend Cathy went to view a live golf game. The drizzles spoilt our excitation. Rain drops started splashing over the golf court. Everyone including us where waiting for the exciting game in the drizzle. We both badly wished for an umbrella and were searching for a shade to save ourselves from drenching out. It was at this moment that a cool golf umbrella caught my attention. A lady carrying the umbrella offered us a canopy to save ourselves from the rain. We both saw it and stepped towards the same together. The brand imprinted 60″ Arc Customized Golf umbrella offered shade for both of us as well as the lady who was waiting for the exciting game to begin. I still remember the brand name imprinted on the umbrella.

Yeah, the golf umbrellas can do wonders to promote your brand name. These are available in different sizes and shapes. Among them we selected the 60″ Arc Customized Golf Umbrellas as this year’s brand promotional item for our business. It offer enough imprint space as they are comparatively larger than the conventional umbrellas. It met our purpose. This golf umbrella features a metal shaft and a wooden handle. It could be folded compactly too. The canopy is made of nylon materials. This sturdy umbrella could withstand harsh weather conditions like heavy wind and r ain. The ergonomic handle of the umbrella makes it easy to hold the umbrella.

60" Arc Customized Golf Umbrellas

We could expose the best of our creativity to design the logo and brand name to imprint it on the 60″ Arc Customized Golf Umbrellas.  It offered very large advertising space. This boosted the visibility of the imprint. These golf umbrellas are well equipped to draw more customers towards your brand.     It gives a vast option to select from the colors. Eighteen different colors of custom golf umbrellas are available. If you get a bunch of these custom umbrellas, you can use it as a promotional gift or a corporate give away. Even these umbrellas could be fixed here and there in the golf course to offer sufficient shade for the golfers. They may need it to store their golfing goodies. You can even reuse them next time on another golf course to promote your business.

The 60″ Arc Customized Golf Umbrellas can even serve as a style accessory or a status symbol. It can safeguard you from drenching out in the rain or from the harsh rays of the sun. It protects the golfer’s cart which contains costly golf accessories and goods. Golf umbrellas give maximum visibility for your brand name. It will be perceived by people from all walks of life who gather on a golf course. If you want to promote your business out in a golf course, order 60″ Arc Customized Golf Umbrellas w/ 18 today. It can bring scalable results for your business.

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