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Get Your Message Out With Custom Golf Umbrellas

Golf umbrellas enhance the appeal and beauty of golf courses. Though the basic function of these umbrellas is to shield players from the sun and rain, they double pull as exciting promotional items for brands. Golf umbrellas make an important gear in a golfer’s bag and will keep the weather blues at bay. Larger than the normal umbrellas, golf umbrellas are available in a range of sizes and colors and the massive canopy will highlight your brand and message in style. The 68 inch promotional golf umbrellas cover you and your golf bag and will also accommodate many individuals. Bigger the canopy, higher will be the level of protection. Personalize these with your brand and see how your message will be seen all over the greens from a very long distance.

68 Inch Arc Promotional XL Golf Sports Umbrellas

Golf umbrellas with a light weight yet sturdy frame will be highly recommended considering the convenience of carrying around. Choose from fiberglass frames that are sturdy and resistant to lightening. 62 Arc Vented Square Golf Umbrella will make an excellent choice in this category. The unique square canopy and the lightning resistant fiber glass construction will make it ideal for the rough weather conditions. These custom golf umbrellas can accommodate two persons at a time.

Personalized 62 Arc Vented Square Golf Umbrella

These wind tested models like Burgundy & Khaki 62 inch Arc Wind Tamer Windproof Umbrellas that can resist the high speed wind that blows at extremely high speeds on open golf courses. Many golf umbrellas are tested for resistance against high speed winds and are marked the level of winds they can tolerate. Double canopy models make another brilliant option as it will prevent your umbrellas from blowing away.

Personalized Burgundy & Khaki 62 inch Arc Wind Tamer Windproof Umbrellas

Auto Open Custom Logo Umbrellas is another brilliant option to consider as it has a handy rubber coated handle that is wide enough allowing a snug and comfortable grip. Choose auto-open umbrellas that are easy to open and close without the accidental nasty pinches. Color makes an important criterion while shopping for custom golf umbrellas as a bright umbrella stands out on a cloudy day or when lighting is low. So, check out our complete line of brightly colored umbrella models.

55 inch Golf Auto Open Custom Logo Umbrellas w/ 8 Colors

Buying a golf umbrella will not just keep you protected on the golf course but will safeguard the gaming equipment. So, make sure to shop for golf umbrellas that are functional and fashionable alike.

Do you consider any other features while shopping for custom golf umbrellas? Tell us in the comments section.

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