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What Makes Custom Logo Umbrellas Potent Brand Builders

Custom logo umbrellas have been potent brand building gifts among businesses. Umbrellas are essential items in everyone’s lives, which means that these can be employed to promote all types of brands and businesses. No matter whether you are big conglomerate, a medium sized organization or a startup, custom umbrellas will make great gifts to get your message out at the fastest way possible and that too at the lowest possible rates.

60 Inch Arc Custom Auto Open Wood Shaft and Hook Handle Umbrellas

Due to the large imprint area, umbrellas make great walking and talking billboards as people use these as weather wear items or accessories and style statements. In the past, whenever someone needed an umbrella, they would end up with a plain black umbrella that has no fashion credentials to boast of. However, much to the delight of the brollie lovers, these ubiquitous items have undergone a lot of innovations in recent times.

Today, we have logo umbrellas in countless models right from the massive golf and beach umbrellas to the pint sized minis that can be slipped into bags and the pretty wedding umbrellas or the colorful patio umbrellas among many more. Available in various brilliant colors and patterns, umbrellas can be used in color themed events, outdoor or seasonal promotions and more.

Umbrellas enjoy a high level of portability and by putting your brand on, you are rest assured of a high speed trail. Your brand name and message will allow the customers to become familiar with your product and will even recommend it to their friends. The best part is that these umbrellas make style statements due to their unique styles, pretty designs and exciting colors.

Models galore

Umbrellas make promotional items all round the year. Be it the antiwind umbrellas for the rough rainy weather or the full color umbrellas for summer or spring, there is something special for everyone. Delightful models like wooden handle models and those with a matching carry case are all hot sellers in custom umbrellas.

Eco friendly

There are even eco friendly designs made from recycled fabric, which is not just user friendly but good for the environment as well.

UV protection

Most umbrellas have UVA and UVB protection features that will keep the users well protected from the harmful rays of the sun. Reports show that UV rays can considerably increase the risks of cancer among people who are out in the sun and these umbrellas will go a long way in keeping them well shielded while putting your brand on a wide display.

Kids umbrellas

Kids have a very short attention span and to grab their interests you need something really interesting. We have animal shaped umbrellas that will tug their little hearts. Every time they carry around these cute kids umbrellas, the beautiful designs will grab the attention of their friends and will make a chatter topic in their circles. Kids’ umbrellas are a source of fun and entertainment for kids as they can use it for picnics, themed parties and costume parties apart from everyday use.


Umbrellas fare well as party favors and promotional gifts alike. The best part is that these are one of the very few gift items that appease both men and women audience. So, if you are expecting a mixed audience, custom umbrellas will make a great choice. Your users will love to be your brand ambassadors as they use these weather wear items 24 x 7 to promote your brand in a fun way without any marketing pitch!

Browse our collection of custom umbrellas and choose a model that matches your needs. Tell us which model you are planning to employ in your promotions. Comments are open

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