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Promote your brand name on the golf course

Umbrellas always remain with us during our outdoor activities. It had gone through various steps of makeover and has many categories in itself. Apart from being used in the rain and shine, it is now used as a fashion statement, in sports activities and many more. Different types of sports umbrellas are available in the market. Among them the sports umbrellas are the most used ones. In a golf course, you may come across different types of umbrellas. Both golfers and non golfers use it. These are quality products that could be explored for a variety of uses like brand promotion. The 60” arc custom printed umbrellas are perfect choice to promote your brand in the golf course.

What is a golf umbrella? What are its uses?

The golf umbrellas are used as a parasol in the golf course. Quality golf umbrellas are essentials to accompany the golfer in all seasons. It is larger in size than a normal umbrella. It has an arc area of about 60 inches and gives more cover. It shelters more people. These are so essential for any golfer like his golf club. Usually golf equipments are expensive. So they need to be well protected. It supports the golfer to keep his golfing equipments well protected from sun and rain.

The traditional purpose of a golf umbrella is to shelter the golfer from rain and sunlight. As everyone, golfers also love to stay protected from the solar rays. The 60” arc custom printed umbrellas are large enough to safeguard his skin from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. There are golf umbrellas that reflect UV rays.

What are the specifications of 60” arc custom printed umbrellas?

The 60” arc custom printed umbrellas are available in eighteen colors. The white and red combination is a sought after design among sports frenzy Americans. These umbrellas have a metal shaft and a wooden handle. It shrinks up to 40 inches when closed. The canopy is made up of nylon material. These are durable enough to promote your brand name. It gives maximum comfort to the user. High winds are common in the golf course and this umbrella can withstand even the wind.

60" Arc Custom Imprinted Golf Umbrellas

How to promote the brand using golf umbrellas?

Golf umbrellas are widely used around the world to promote the brand name. It has a proven success record among advertisers. These are commonly employed as corporate gifts for the golfers. The 60” arc custom printed golf umbrellas offers ample space to imprint the brand name and logo on to it. So when a golfer carries the umbrella, every other golfer as well as the spectators notices the brand imprint on it. The brand name remains in their heart particularly when he offers others a shade under the same umbrella. This helping attitude will certainly grab the attention and appreciation of people. If you use a 60” arc custom printed umbrellas to promote your business, it will stay with the golfer along with his golf equipments for longer. These could be given as sponsored gifts or promotional giveaways during sporting events.

What are the benefits of using 60” arc custom printed golf umbrellas for brand promotion?

Golf umbrellas provide excellent platform to showcase your brand name and logo. These are cost effective ways to create a remarkable impact in the mind of the perceivers who could be your potential customers. An affiliation with such a popular sport can add to your brand identity and credibility. It could create continuous brand awareness as these remain long with the golfers.

Now you have an overall know how about the uses of a golf umbrella as a business promotional goodie. Give it a try to promote your brand identity too.

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