Promotional gift, more than a swag

It was raining yesterday evening. I took out my umbrella to have a walk down the street. When I took it out what struck me was the brand imprint on it. It was a gift from my favorite store Walmart. Those blue umbrellas are my best loved accessories in rain. It just reminded me of the fabulous shopping I had at their store in Dalian, China. Yea, the simple visual of the brand name took me back to my lovely shopaholic days in China. I really wished to go back to their store to pick my favorite goodies. So a brand imprinted umbrella can bring a deep emotional flash back in your customers about your services. A 42” arc custom imprinted umbrella could very well remind your customers about your unique products and services.

What is so remarkable about a brand imprinted umbrella? Of course it has many features that could keep it close to your customers for long. This is obviously a smart branding strategy any entrepreneur can rely on. It will remain around them every time they use it. So more people notice it and become aware of the brand. When you gift your customers with a brand promotional item, you are extending your current relationship with them. Along with that you get a chance to establish a new relationship with a prospective customer who gets a chance to view your brand imprint on the umbrella or to use it through your existing customers. This is a major advantage in selecting utility goods like 42” arc custom imprinted umbrellas for brand promotion.

42" Arc Custom Imprinted Umbrellas

According to the latest studies, the shelf life of any promotional item with the customers is an average of six months. A utility item like an umbrella will stay much longer than that for sure. The umbrellas are frequently used items. So they use it quite often too. This is a potential way to expose your brand name to maximum prospective customers. Brand imprinted products are cost effective when compared with other promotional strategies. The custom umbrellas are tactic enough in smart brand promotion. It helps to create a top of the line brand awareness.

The 42” arc custom imprinted umbrellas are ideal for face to face promotional situations like trade fairs. This is a unique gift item that will never end up in trash. The real utility of the umbrellas in rain and shine definitely makes it a unique brand promotional gift. They certainly offer high visibility in all seasons. Since available in eighteen different color combination, these are advertisers favorite too. It offers enough imprinting space for them. These are ideal for budget stringent brand promotion as they are cost effective.

The 42” arc custom imprinted umbrellas promotes your brand name in harsh weather conditions. These have a metal shaft that keeps it upright in extreme windy conditions. The attractive canopy and the matching sleeve in black make it distinguished gifts for all seasons. In brand promotion quality of the promotional medium really matters. It has to be done through a quality medium. You can be more creative in the design and elegance of the promotional giveaway that no customer should hesitate to carry it around.

Think ahead and implement a magnificent marketing strategy that keeps your brand name with your customers for long. . The 42” arc custom imprinted umbrellas are ideal customer focused selection of brand promotional gifts. It definitely reminds your customers of your brand as the Walmart umbrella took me for a walk down the memory lane.

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