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Make Your Marketing Campaign Strong And Sturdy With These Market Umbrellas

Umbrellas are commonly used by individuals but a lot of businesses are now looking into these umbrellas as a promotional tool. So why are a lot of business owners investing in these promotional umbrellas, specifically our Market Umbrellas? Well, see the check list below and know the reasons why.98 inch Arc Mariner Custom Market Umbrellas w/ 5 Colors

  • Customizable
    It means that you are able to imprint either your business name or logo on it. This will give you an edge over any other promotional tool simply because these promotional umbrellas are opened and used all day long thereby giving you the opportunity to display your business name or logo anytime and anywhere. Did you know that all the more your business name or logo is displayed all the more you are remembered by people. A study showed that 36% of the people can recall the business name if it is noticeable.
  • Sturdy
    It means that it is strong enough to withstand any weather conditions. Whether it is very hot or there is a heavy down pour, these promotional umbrellas will be able withstand all that. We can assure you that the print will not easily fade away.
  • Affordable
    It means that it will not be a burden on your pocket. We believe that we are the only ones who offer these promotional market umbrellas online at a very low price. If you are able to find the same products on other websites and are offered at prices that are lower than ours then we will give you a price guarantee. This means that we will beat their price by 5%.
  • Large Imprint Area
    Its imprint area for your business name or logo is large enough that even in a far distance people who are walking or those who are driving their car are able to read it.
    A list below is given to show you the types of promotional market umbrellas we offer and the size of its imprint are.82 inch Arc Tropical Personalized Market Umbrellas w/ 5 Colors
  1. 98 Inch Arc Mariner Custom Market Umbrellas With 5 Colors – This has an 18”x16” (WxH) imprint area.
  2. Aluminum 6 Ft 6 Panel Custom Market Umbrella With 5 Colors – This has an 18”x18” (WxH) imprint panel and its material is made of polyester fabric.
  3. Aluminum 7ft X 4 Panel Square Personalized Market Umbrella With 4 Colors – This has a 12”x12” (WxH) imprint are and its material is polyester fabric.
  4. 82 Inch Arc Tropical Personalized Market Umbrellas With 5 Colors – This has an imprint area of 18”x16” (WxH).

Choosing an umbrella for business use or distributing it for a promotional campaign will be easy. Either way, you will be able to have savings because when you order it wholesale we will give you a discount with free design proof, artwork and design. Provide shade or give shade to people and they will love you back in return.

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