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Custom promotional umbrellas for marketers on a budget

Smaller companies often set their budget for promotional activities on a guess estimate as they have to counter the competitors effectively without leaving a hole in their pockets. Often promotional campaigns on a budget become tight rope walks that have to be executed with diligence for the maximum impact and brand promotion.

47 Inch Arc Promotional Clear Bubble Umbrella with Hook Handle

For any startup company, promotional gifting is undeniably the best way to strike a rapport with prospective customers. Promotional products work on the simple win – win equation where the marketers offer gifts as tokens of appreciation for their customers who in turn reciprocate by being a loyal customer of their products and services. Promotional gifting is an old fashioned marketing technique that is still very much in use because of its effect and impact in turning the sales figures around. Promotional gifting is well suited for businesses of all sizes and Logo imprinted promotional umbrellas have always been the best sellers in budget promotional gifts.

60 Inch Arc Custom Printed Golf Umbrellas

If you cannot make much headway on the gift items for your upcoming promotional events here are some tips that would help you go about it with ease.

Innovative designs pay off
A protective canopy is even better when it is fashionable and personalized and that is what makes this clear canopy umbrellas a good option to attract new customers. Pretty and soft as a bubble, these umbrellas come with colorful lace borders where you can imprint the logo and business statements for the best visibility. People would love to see the life go by on a rain soaked day through this clear custom umbrella and the imprints against the clear canopy will surely be appreciated by even the causal onlookers. These delightful gifts make value added gifts that customers love to retain all their life. The beauty of these bubble umbrellas makes it hard for anyone not to brag about these and the advertisers can see the brand image going up in the process!

Big gifts are natural head turners
A study of consumer buyers reactions on promotional gifts show that very small gifts often fail to impress the customers and to work up a positive reaction. When size matters an advertiser need not think anything beyond the menacingly big custom beach or golf umbrellas. People are sure to take note of them and these make great options to penetrate highly competitive business segments like sports goods. These umbrellas are durable and sturdy and people love to store them in their cars for outdoor picnics and other emergencies. Every time they pop open these masterpieces your brand logo spreads out on the canopy attracting instant attention from all over.

Go for evergreen fashion statements
Classic patterns always stay popular but to trigger a spurt of interest for a startup company, they need to focus on style and fashion. Innovative and fashionable umbrellas, which standout from the crowd for their canopy shape, color and patterns can never escape the watchful eyes of your customers who have a penchant for anything new and trendy. The best part is that these are affordable and can easily make an impact on your promotional drive and tradeshows.

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