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Maximizing Your Marketing Potential with Promotional Umbrellas During Rainy Season

Rains are loved by most people on earth, but dreaded by most marketers because it wets their campaign and slices down their profits. Now, many of these marketers have started overcoming this helplessness by employing promotional umbrellas. They are employing logo imprinted umbrellas for gifting and representations. If you are one such marketer trying hard to win attention during rains, then here are some suggestions about places, where you can maximize your brand impressions.

Maximizing Your Marketing Potential with Promotional Umbrellas During Rainy Season

  1. Elementary Schools – You may daily see hundreds of parents, walking their kids to school. These parents comprise of vast customer segment and you can always hand them out some imprinted and cheap promotional umbrellas at school entrances or during some school events. This gesture will be highly appreciated because parents and kids both love staying dry during a heavy downpour.
  2. Picnics – You can perhaps get tied up with some popular picnic destinations in your locality or city. There are still many of them, who might receive high stream of visitors during rains due to discounted price packages. You can always go an extra mile in installing large logoed umbrellas in such premises ( of course with prior permission or completing other formalities). Or you can start distributing some standardized or cheap umbrellas imprinted with business messages on a drizzly day.
  3. Tradeshows – You can choose to install large market umbrellas during the tradeshows or even consider gifting away as a mark of acknowledgement to all those who braved rains to be with you. Promotional umbrellas can make larger than life impressions in a place, where rain is regular. For example – If you are a newbie business man from Pacific Northwest, then your promotional umbrellas would be highly appreciated by the crowd. If you wish to make best opportunity of the season, then we suggest distributing umbrellas to crowd during tradeshows.
  4. Golf Courses – You can either work in tandem with one or many of the sponsors and start beautifying the surroundings by installing huge umbrellas imprinted with your business messages. Or you can hand out umbrellas to avid golf fans who have braved weather to be there.  This is one best bet if you take rains positively and wish to influence many people at a time.
  5. Sporting Events – You can start the game by sponsoring local championships and installing your umbrellas around the venue. This gesture will not only bring you easy spectators, but also aid to build long lasting relationships with your crowd. If you get little more liberal, by distributing umbrellas with the crowd, then we should say it will be a best thing to do.

You can maximize your marketing potential by positioning promotional umbrellas at the right place and right time.

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