The advertising potential of custom logo umbrellas

Do you wish to have a few sure fire ways to ramp up your sales to the next level? If yes, place your bets on innovative gifts like promotional umbrellas. If you are following the same promotional techniques that you have been using a decade ago, you are likely to get only the same results. So if you wish to reach out to a bigger target audience, gifts like personalized umbrellas will be a good option.These are unique, adorable and above all practical gifts that none of your clients will ever refuse!

But if you wonder about the actual advertising potential of promotional umbrellas, here is the answer for all your queries.

44 inch Sports Auto Open Custom Printed Logo Umbrellas

Umbrellas are useful all around the year

There is not a wrong time in the whole year for you to use promotional umbrellas. Be it the summer, rain or even the winter season, umbrellas make handy accessories for people, which make them highly effective promotional gifts. These can be used to promote all types of businesses including beach hotels, winter sports, golf clubs, salons, sports leagues and much more. Just imprint your logo and business message on these and hand out in events and expos to ensure a wide exposure to your logo.

Be it a summer outdoor promotion or a tradeshow during the rainy season, there can be no two opinions on the advertising potential of promotional umbrellas. Your logo will be seen by scores of eager eyes even if the weather is scalding hot or a washout! It is a real win-win situation for both the marketers and customers as the recipients will have a weather wear in hand while the marketers will be pleased to have their logo well displayed.

62'' Arc Beach Personalized Logo Umbrellas

Easy to Distribute

Promotional umbrellas are easy to distribute during both mailer campaigns and in store promotions as these are compact and won’t get damaged during transit. Umbrellas can be distributed to all genres of customers irrespective of barriers like age, gender or demographics as everyone around the world use umbrellas at some time or the other.

Budget friendly

No matter whether your budget is modest or big, personalized umbrellas will fit your bills easily. Marketers can save a dime by ordering custom umbrellas in bulk from us and avail discounts and cash savings. Our 24 hour rush service will let you plan your campaign on short notice while the online mock up facility and artwork assistance by our in house graphic experts will help you to customize these umbrellas exactly the way you visualize!

Whether you have been a diehard fan of promotional umbrellas for quite some time or are yet to try out this exciting promotional gift in your campaigns, the above tips will surely help you make the right decision for your business. Should you need more info or selection tips, we are only a call away!

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