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Best Summer Umbrella Products in 2014

With summer marketing getting into full swing, we are sure that some of you might be getting serious about selecting umbrella for summer promotions. On analyzing trends, it can be seen that some umbrellas are gaining more prominence over others than yesteryears and their sales are peaking with each passing day. Compiling results from those trends, here are some of the popular promotional umbrellas for summer 2014-

Best Summer Umbrella Products in 2014

  • Eco friendly Umbrellas: As the name might indicate, it stands for umbrellas, which are produced using eco-friendly materials such as recycled pet jars or plastics and recycled fabric, etc.Totes Eco “Brella” are one of the most ordered items until the date. More and more marketers are grabbing them for gifting than ever. These umbrellas not only offer the choice of carving eco –friendly identity, but are easily manageable, too.
  • Animal Printed Umbrellas: Summer is the time of the year, when vision remains clear and people can easily look around. Most people love to hit around beaches or even love going for parties. Animal printed umbrellas will give easy visibility and acceptability to your business messages.
  • Mini Umbrellas: As usual they are the most affordable of the lot. These umbrellas can be availed in arc sizes ranging from 39”-43”. You can avail them in different colors and get them beautifully imprinted with your brand information in typical colors.
  • Fashion Umbrellas: You may think, when they are popular throughout the year, what is so new about it? The answer is nothing new, only those marketers are getting very particular about their choices. They are opting for bright and vibrant colors instead of light and dull colors because people are going to love them. Summers are generally about riot of colors, adding some fancy colored umbrella over head is definitely going to aid.
  • Beach Umbrellas: Marketers with beach side property are very particular about these umbrellas. They are ordering them at choicest colors to grab attention of people who are hitting beaches nearby their business.
  • Market Umbrellas: With chilly winters slowly dissolving, people have started stepping out more often than before. Businesses operating in crowded market place can easily avail these umbrellas for value building to attract more people to their business. They can opt for colorful choices rather than duller ones.
  • Patio Umbrellas: This umbrella is also gaining popularity due to its largeness. They add face value to outdoor spaces. Marketers and individuals are largely ordering these umbrellas for attracting attention of the crowd and transforming their outdoor spaces as places for relaxation.
  • Golf Umbrellas: With the golf season in progress, this umbrella is gaining more footage in the niche. You can find them in all arc sizes, colors, materials and styles.
  • Wedding Umbrellas: Parasols are getting popular in this summer season. It is becoming the dearest choice for wedding planners, bridal parties, fashionistas and many more.

You can explore & indulge much more than these by visiting any reputed online stores selling custom umbrellas for summer promotions.

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