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How to Take Weather into Consideration While Choosing Custom Umbrellas for Promotions?

It is obvious that whenever someone hears the word “umbrella” the thoughts may stray to the images of a stormy day. Umbrellas are not only designed to offer you protection against the rain, but all other seasons, too. We do understand that custom umbrellas serve as a great perennial gift, rather than a seasonal choice.  However, you need to take weather into consideration while choosing the right kind of personalized umbrellas for promotions.

How to Take Weather into Consideration While Choosing Custom Umbrellas for Promotions?

  • If you are marketing in regions receiving more snowfall and rain
    In many such cases, wind is the severe perpetrator of weather than precipitation. This means marketers should choose umbrellas, which not only provides protection against wind gusts, but also offers visibility to business messages. This means they can easily resort their hopes on anti-wind umbrellas, golf umbrellas and other big sized umbrellas.
  • If you are targeting customers in hot and humid areas
    It is always best to go for umbrellas with wide radius such as market umbrellas, patio umbrellas and beach umbrellas. These umbrellas offer great visibility to your business messages and may benefit many people at a time. Most of these umbrellas are fitted with UV protection features, which offer great shelter from heat and creates large relaxation area under the sun. Further choosing these umbrellas in bright & eyeball grabbing colors would offer great visibility to your brand information.
  • If you are operating in a region with no specific type of weather
    It might be little tacky to choose the right kind of promotional umbrellas for this region bearing no typical weather condition.  To be on a safer side, you can opt for compact folding umbrellas, which people love to retain within their purses or bags or pockets.
  • If you are marketing in spring or other pleasant weather conditions
    You can easily manage with any type of promotional umbrella in this season and pleasant weather further adds to your benefit. If you wish to encourage people to carry their umbrellas during this season, then gift them beautiful and vibrant fashion umbrellas. These umbrellas can be availed in different sizes, materials and colors depending on the choice.

It may seem like those who are relying on promotional umbrellas for marketing have very limited options, but actually it’s the opposite.  Marketers can use these umbrellas for value building throughout the year because people always love that extra shelter over their heads. Also, these umbrellas help to extend the outreach of the company into unexplored horizons.

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