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Incredible Benefits of Custom Umbrellas

Custom umbrellas make  meaningful gifts that are hard to miss. Available in a wide range of models and colors, umbrellas make value added gifts that are hard to miss.


Custom umbrellas are popular among all age groups and demographics. After all, everyone needs umbrellas to stay safe from elements, and even to boost their outdoor style. So, can there be a better way to put your brand right in the middle of your outdoorsy audience than these logo items?

Umbrellas Make a Style Statement

Apart from protecting the employees from sun and rain, these logo items will make a strong fashion statement.  Full color umbrellas double up as fashion accessories that would complement any dressing style.

Fun to customize

Umbrellas boast a large surface that can accommodate your promotional message and artwork. Your employees will indeed feel privileged to use these unique umbrellas branded with your slogan, or the name  of the company they work for. Umbrellas engage people in an interesting way. It will leave a formidable brand statement without being overwhelming.

Perfect Props for Photo Ops

Umbrellas enhance photo shoots by adding a pop of fun colors to the event. Whether it is corporate events or fashion gala, umbrellas will make a great accessory to enhance the snap shots . Plus, if your company participates in influencer marketing , branded umbrellas will make a great addition  during the photo sessions . It is an effective strategy to get your brand in social media posts,  for a long time even after your sponsored deal is over.

As Event Décor

During corporate events, you can encourage your employees to bring out their branded umbrellas. It will not just accentuate the décor but make a  high visibility billboard for your brand . Whether you choose to prop the umbrellas in in corners or on the tables, they will create a beautiful theme that will always linger in everyone’s mind.

To sum up

Promotional umbrellas ensure endless opportunities to advertise your  brand.  Ideal as awareness giveaways, corporate gifts or referral gifts , umbrellas make the recipients feel well appreciated due to its high perceived value

Umbrellas offer something special for every need. From pint sized telescopic umbrellas to massive beach umbrellas and everything in between, marketers have a lot of options to choose from . Choose an appropriate model that resonates with your company identity. Once you customize umbrellas with your logo, you will have the hottest promotional item in town.

Looking for more tips to incorporate custom umbrellas into your promotional plan? Do reach out to our product team for more ideas.

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