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Custom Umbrellas for Beach Fun and Sun Safety

Summer and beach fun go hand in hand. The beach is a great place to spend a sunny day with friends or family. Beach holidays are loads of fun, games and laughter, but on the flip side, it also carries the risk of UV rays, sunburn and cancer scare. So, of you are a business owner looking for an appropriate gift idea, choose items that shield your recipients from the UV rays. Planning to have a summer themed promotion? If yes, choose custom umbrellas as these will make a great gift idea to get started.

Why Umbrellas?

  • Umbrellas are available in various convenient sizes that range from foldable models that can fit into a bag to the massive patio or beach umbrellas and everything in between!
  • Everyone uses umbrellas, which makes it a perennially popular accessory
  • Umbrellas are not just functional items but have evolved to be style statements, fashion accessories and photo props.

Beach umbrellas stand out for its massive canopy and the multi colored panel design that will put your logo highly visible. Beach umbrellas can be customized by imprinting your logo, message or artwork and can be employed to promote beach hotels and activities, spa and much more. These sprawling umbrellas not just ensure a shady retreat for your recipients but also make an eye-catchy billboard for your logo. Easy to transport and store, these custom beach umbrellas will ensure a high degree of portability to your brand.72 Inch Arc Custom Printed Non Woven Patio / Beach Umbrellas

Nobody can pluck their eyes off these attractive beach umbrellas for sure. The massive size and vibrant colors will all make beach umbrellas a great option to promote your brand in crowded areas like markets and streets. Your recipients will love to bring their own beach umbrella that will ensure sun protection, without having to jostle with other sun worshippers on the beach who might have had their umbrellas.

Parasols: Beat the sun in style with these beautiful parasols that aren’t just for weddings! Parasols offer sun protection and make excellent style statements and accessories during summer. Not just for the beach but for a day out in the city or at work, these custom parasols will never let you down.Personalized 46 inch Wedding Parasols Auto-Open Floral Ladies Ruffles Style

Antiwind umbrellas: These umbrellas not just help you covered during sun but also during rain and wind as these sturdy umbrellas will not buckle under pressure and break off. The strong handle and designs will all make it a trusted companion against weather elements.43 inch Wind Logo Imprinted Umbrellas w/ 44 Colors

We at US umbrellas have a whole lot of other umbrella models too. Browse the collection and choose an umbrella that will work fine as fund raising items, awareness campaign items for sun safety week and promotional items. Should you need any selection or customization tips, we are only a call away.

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