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Top 3 Promotional Umbrellas For Summer Promotions

Summer has arrived officially. So, for marketers looking for a popular custom gift to promote their brand will obviously place their bets on custom umbrellas. Seasonal gift items have always enjoyed an upper hand in influencing the recipients. So, make sure that your sales soar along with the outside temperatures with these custom umbrellas.

Though umbrellas are often used as summer specific items by marketers, the big advantage of these logo items is that these can be used all round the year and not just during summer. Perennially popular and ever green, these custom gifts will never fail to work for your brand!

Why custom umbrellas

  • Anything imprinted on these will be visible from even a distance
  • Custom umbrellas are versatile gift ideas that can be employed to promote all types of businesses
  • Umbrellas are available in a mind boggling range of models that range from the smallest mini umbrellas to the massive golf and beach umbrellas and everything that falls in between!

Now that you know the promotional potential that these ubiquitous items hold, you would surely be thinking of making these custom items part of your marketing mix. Most likely your next question would be on the top three promotional umbrellas for summer promotions. Here are the three popular models that can be considered.

Auto open / close umbrellas Let your recipients stay well prepared against weather elements with these handy umbrellas. Be it a sudden cloud burst or the stinging rays of the sun, everyone will find these sturdy and functional umbrellas a reliable choice. Available in a range of colors, you can easily choose an umbrella that matches your corporate color.42 Inch Arc Neon Telescopic Folding Umbrellas

Mini umbrellas: Atleast when it comes to mini umbrellas, we can strongly say that good things come in small packs. These handy umbrellas models are easy to carry around and customize. No matter whether your recipients use it on a bad weather day or as a fashion accessory, the bottomlline reads that your logo will get all the attention it deserves!Custom Printed Mini 43 inch Arc Executive Umbrellas w/ 7 Colors

Full color umbrellas: Celebrate summer with a splash of color with these logo items. These vibrant umbrellas will easily turn a few heads and stand out in the seas of the ordinary black umbrellas any day.58 inch Auto Open Folding Custom Logo Full Color Umbrellas

We have an exciting collection of umbrellas in all possible types and price rates. Browse and pick or call us for selection tips.

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