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Say Your “Thank You” With These Wedding Umbrellas

Preparing for a wedding is never easy and most of the time bride always gets so stressed before their wedding day. There are so many things that need to be done while planning a wedding. You know, wedding only happens once in a lifetime and we believe that all brides deserve to have everything during that day. When we say everything, it means all things that are needed for the wedding must be included in the checklist. One of the things that couples leave out are their wedding favors because they believe that it is irrelevant and it just adds to their budget.

Though wedding favors add up to the couple’s wedding expenses, there are items in the market today that you can find very affordable and can be use as a wedding favor. One of these items is the Wedding Umbrellas. Before we go into the details on what you can do with these printed umbrellas, we want you to know why wedding favors are important.

Wedding favors are important during the wedding ceremony simply because:

  • It will let your guests know that you are happy they were there to celebrate with you the most memorable day of your life.
  • It will serve as a remembrance or a memorabilia to everyone who attended your wedding day.

So what should be your standards in choosing a wedding favor? Well, we have a few tips on which wedding favors you should invest in especially when you want to make your money’s worth.

  • It should be something useful.
    This by far should be the most important aspect you first need to consider when choosing your wedding favor. You do not want to give your guests something that they will just file away, keep in the attic or even worse throw away, right? These printed umbrellas have proven itself time and again that it is a very useful item. 58% of people who received a promotional item kept the item for one to more than four years. So who says that you will be wasting your money on wedding favors? Only if the items you are giving away are useful items, then you can say that the money you have allocated for your wedding favor is indeed worth spending.
  • It should be something that can be personalized.
    It is always nice to give out something as a memorabilia with a personal touch. With these printed umbrellas, you can have a monogram of your name and your wedding date. Every time your friends and family use this umbrella, they will surely remember you and your wedding day.

Our printed wedding umbrellas come in different colors, sizes and style because we want to make sure that you will be able to find something that will fit your wedding theme and motif. Below are a few samples of what we offer online.

  1. Customized 46 Inch Arc Wedding Favor Umbrella
    If your concern is your budget, you do not need to worry. With this printed umbrella, you can easily afford it. This can be availed for as low as $5.13 for a minimum of 12 pieces per order. This printed umbrella comes with a clear POE material which is most likely going to fit into whatever the motif of the wedding will be.Customized 46 inch Arc Wedding Favor Umbrella
  2. Personalized 44 Inc Auto-Open Wedding Party Umbrella
    This is an automatic open type umbrella which will give your guests the convenience every time they use it. This can be personalized therefore you can have your monogram or names imprinted on these umbrellas.Personalized 44 inch Auto-Open Wedding Party Umbrella
  3. Personalized 46 Inch Arc Party Favor Umbrella
    The open arc for this umbrella is 46” while the folded length is 31” which will be perfect for your guests to carry these conveniently wherever they go. This is also an automatic open umbrella with a metal frame. These can be ideally used by your entourage for added style on your wedding day.Personalized 46 inch Arc Party Favor Umbrella

We have a many inspiring models of custom umbrellas, Always remember that wedding favors are just as important as the other details of the wedding. We want you to have the best wedding and that is why we have our wedding umbrella selection.

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