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Why are Windproof Umbrellas Best Investment for Budget Marketers?

Windproof umbrellas and budget marketing- it may sound like an oxymoron, but it’s true.  Budget marketers are always on prowl for marketing tokens, which offers them big value for investment. At times they may end up investing in things, which may fall slightly heavier on their purses, still bring them long term results. Large wind tamer umbrellas are one such thing, which offers them long term benefits (due to various reasons) against slightly heavy investments. Here it goes-

Why are Windproof Umbrellas Best Investment for Budget Marketers?

  • High utility value – As known to us, umbrellas are usually employed for offering shelter from rain and bad weather. A windproof umbrella – offers an extra edge protection from rains, sunshine and strong wind gusts. This means they can be used during all harsh weather conditions. It ensures that your business messages are seen during high winds, rains, and sunshine.
  • Superior construction – A windproof umbrella makes the difference due to its superior construction. Reinforced fiberglass materials are used for construction of these custom umbrellas. These fiberglass frames offer support to canopy and empowers them to stand still during high winds. They don’t easily break under wind pressure, are durable and lighter, too. On close observation it can be found that a perfect wind tamer umbrella is an amalgamation of patented and innovative construction techniques. Some designs are equipped with wind vents, which mean blowing wind, can easily pass through umbrella without inverting it. Rain drop shaped wind release vents is another superior technology used in windproof designs and such umbrellas are known to withstand wind gusts up to 55 miles/hour. Most of these umbrellas can be easily closed and controlled through push buttons.
  • Windproof design – Windproof design is another key for longevity, when it comes to these wind tamer umbrellas. Water repellant material is coated on canopy, which means long lasting protection from winds and heavy rains. It also means that your brand information is going to be in limelight for pretty longer time than a larger-than-life billboard or any other cheaper promotional material.
  • Available in different specifications – They can be availed in mini sizes to large 68” golf umbrellas. They are offered in folding designs or with push buttons – depending on the choice. They can be used for personal use or employed around golf courses or outside patio for creating relaxing environs. These umbrellas can be availed in serious color tones or warm colors depending on the choice or they can be matched with your outfits and accessories, too.

Probably by now, you might have understood why are budget marketers ready to take chances with windproof umbrellas, even if it goes overboard their budget. Are you ready to take a chance?! Get going, you will never repent with this investment choice.

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