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What are your 2014 Pantone Color Umbrellas?

Who could ignore Honeysuckle, Tangerine Tango, Sand Dollar, Turquoise, and Fuchsia Rose? With 2014 pantone colors for spring announced, you have more to rejoice this year. You can always make these colors a part- and- parcel of your branding by choosing products, which best reflect these color. What could be a better choice than umbrellas? Falling light on your pocket and offering high purpose to the user, colored umbrellas easily become a year-around brand and relationship builder.  Here are your choices for 2014

What are your 2014 Pantone Color Umbrellas?

What are your 2014 Pantone Color Umbrellas?

Pantone Color Umbrellas

Dazzling Blue – A closer cousin of navy blue, so it you don’t find the right match, you can always go for navy blue umbrellas. These umbrellas make apt gifting choice for technology marketers and others. (PANTONE 18-3949)

Violet Tulip – Violet and purple colored umbrellas are definitely going to be “IT” choices ofr several businesses this year. You can employ purple umbrellas /violet umbrellas for value building during promotional events and individual/social/community events. These custom umbrellas can be availed in different designs and budget sizes. (PANTONE 16-3823)

Radiant Orchid – This hue is influenced by deeper tones of violet and pink, so opting soft violet umbrellas with pink undertones or pink umbrellas with violet undertones- would easily take you closer to this hue. Pink or violet undertone umbrellas make a perfect gifting choice during pink or violet themed weddings or spring weddings, etc. (PANTONE 18-3224)

Celosia Orange – It is very popular hue because people find orange fruit enchanting in terms of color and taste. Some orange polyester umbrellas can approximately steal the color theme. Feel free to indulge with it for corporate gifting or triggering spring promotions.  (PANTONE 18-3224)

Freesia – Largely associated with the feeling of spring, freesia is color, which generates positive connotations within onlookers. This beautiful floral color is perfect for driving women oriented/dedicated events, community festivals and many more. You can strike with yellow umbrellas in most online umbrella stores. Use your discretion to arrive at better conclusion about freesia. (PANTONE 14-0852)

Cayenne – It kicks senses out those with its high –energy color and high-pitch texture. You can seek reddish orange umbrellas, which are closer to cayenne in many ways. (PANTONE 18-1651)

Placid Blue – The hue is exactly opposite to dazzling blue and is very calming. You can always get closer to the hue by choosing sky blue umbrellas. You can gift away sky blue colored umbrellas during corporate events and blue themed weddings or spring weddings, etc. (PANTONE 15-3920)

Paloma – The name reminds you about celebrated jewelry designer Paloma Picasso or a beautiful damsel with blonde tresses falling over shoulder, but it is fortunately a hue of beautiful and overpowering gray! This color stands for confidence and reassurance. There is certain degree of softness to it despite being largely considered as architectural. Gray umbrellas in richer tones can be considered or substituted for Paloma. (PANTONE 16-0000)

Sand – It is a feisty variation of beige with more burnished effect, thereby adding warmth to your imaginations. Beige colored umbrellas with slight lighter tones can be a close variation of this color. Beige or pale cream colored umbrellas make a brilliant choice for kicking off your summer and spring promotions. (PANTONE 15-1225)

Hemlock – It is a beautiful re-invention of green. Perfect for all seasons, you can get closer to this hue by selecting hunter green umbrella with polyester and nylon canopy. It makes an apt corporate or promotional gift throughout the year. Any logo or information imprinted against it will be seen in good light.  (PANTONE 16-6114)

By gifting away any of the above mentioned umbrellas, you can easily sculpt an image of a thoughtful and customer friendly advertiser or a compassionate individual.

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