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What are the Most Popular Personalized Umbrellas Employed for Corporate Gifting?

Good quality and stylish personalized umbrellas are used for corporate gifting because they can offer protection from weather elements and highlights any branding information with ease. This blog introduces you to some popular choices of umbrella used for corporate gifting –

  • Automatic umbrellas – They are extremely popular with masses and can be availed in different colors and designs. Some of them are offered with sturdy wooden handle for a comfortable grip during rains. They are quite manageable in large sizes, too. You can come across many more beneficial features of these umbrellas by scouting through vast collection offered online.
  • Mini fold umbrellas – They are very popular for gifting due to their adorability and affordability factor. Although people love carrying around big umbrellas, but they are generally fond of mini umbrellas, which can easily fit into their pockets or purses. There is abundance of variety when it comes to these umbrellas. You can easily buy them from any reputed online umbrella store.
  • Ladies umbrella – They are extremely popular with marketers such as fashion houses, dressmakers, cosmetic franchises, spas and salons targeting women. Ladies umbrellas are compact and light in weight. They are offered in various warm and women friendly color tones and come with accentuated frames or handles. Many of these umbrellas have manual opening mechanism and they are offered in a pouch.
  • Golf umbrellas – You may not find many of them offering these umbrellas due to huge price tags associated with them. But the ones who do it definitely enjoy the benefits for long time. The golf umbrellas can be availed in huge as well as manageable sizes depending. They make a great giveaway during golf tournaments or sports events. Makes a wonderful choice for sports brand players because these umbrellas are loved by frantic sports fans.
  • Wind tamer umbrellas –They are slightly costlier than standardized umbrellas or mini fold umbrellas offered during promotional events, still they offer long term benefits against the investment. Developed using special anti-wind technology, these umbrellas can survive the harsh weather conditions with ease. Marketers who believe in smart advertising can always rely on this umbrella because it is going to bring them long term benefits against the investment made.
  • Oversized umbrellas – At times golf umbrellas fall under this league, but you can still differentiate them from regular umbrellas due to their size. These umbrellas are always worthy of investment because they easily grab attention of the crowd and offers huge sheltering space, too.

You can always make handsome benefits on procurement of above mentioned personalized umbrellas by purchasing them from a reputed online umbrella store.

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